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Sunday, May 28, 2006


For graffiti Sunday, we have a view into a parking lot on a small street in the East Village, where it seems that a lot of different objects are being saved for some yet to be determined future use.
The graffiti against the wall and up the iron stair is pretty indecipherable as writing, but the visual impact of the glowing color seems to tie everything together into a worn collage made of "found" objects. Almost like an art installation put together with elements hoarded by the neighborhood.


karine said...

Nice one! Seems interesting only by the picture. I wonder how it really looks like inside. Do you have any other shots by chance?

luggi said...

Agreed. It just needs the pretty white walls of an art gallery.

Alex S said...

That totem looks like a mixture between Henry Kissinger and Mao Tsetung.
Cool picture anyhow!

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