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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Krishna Festival

Today there was a huge festival of Indian spirituality by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (generally referred to as Hare Krishna). A parade of the devotees and a colorful painted wagon carrying a representation of Lord Krishna was rolled down 5th avenue from 59th Street to Washington Square, where the festival was set up with dancing, chanting and booths offering free food, literature and spiritual instruction. Many entire families with children spent the day and it was pleasant to see all the people dressed in beautiful saris and other Indian traditional clothing having a good time. The proselytizing was gentle and unobtrusive and basically the entire event felt like an old fashioned country fair come to the city.


Nerissa said...

Seems rather crowded. Was there music piped out amongst the crowds or was it just in the areas where there was dancing?

Brian said...

There was a stage with amplified music and dancing - the music was loud enough to be heard throughout the park.

Mark said...

Ah, but did they sell curry!

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