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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Water Sprites

It was too cold in the park yesterday for standing in bikinis near a blasting fountain with water spraying everywhere. I caught this photographer and his two models in a photo shoot - they were getting quite a bit of attention. Let's hope they were at least getting paid. I noticed when they came out that they looked rather blue and their first priority was to grab the towels offered to them. I have no links for you today - unless you would like to read about torpor - perhaps this was the trick that prevented these endothermic girls from getting hypothermia and kept them smiling - but then again, perhaps they really are water sprites :) ......


Olivier said...

;o))) voila comment faire monter l'audimat de ton blog. Bravo, belle construction de ta photo et merci pour ce moment de fraîcheur

Brian said...

Thank you.