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Thursday, September 14, 2006


A number of people asked why I put up no photos regarding the events of September 11 on Monday. I did take a number of photos and went to the actual site with a friend. However, I did not bring a tripod (an obvious mistake) and all the photos I took were handheld with long exposures. On reviewing the photos I felt they were too poor to post - there were thousands of great photos online - but friends who saw them (including three photographers) felt I should post the better ones anyway - so here they are as a small collage. The illuminated clouds image on the right was taken from the Village. The other three from the site itself. The two beams of light were visible from all over Manhattan, the boroughs and New Jersey - they were not projected from ground zero itself, but from the top of a parking garage just south, as seen in the bottom photo.


olivier said...

;-( Journée triste dans le monde entier. Il devait y avoir une emotion tres forte pendant les minutes de silence.

Ton montage est un trés bel hommage

J'ais monté un site memorial WTC avec des amis..

John Nez said...

Actually I think those are awesome photos.

Much more interesting than any I've seen from TV or in magazines.

Brian said...

You are both very kind. Thanks.

Joe said...

really cool collage! nice
Here in Rome in these days a new light-sculpture has born...have a look

Mile Stones said...

John Nez has really said it for me too. I thank you for posting these, because we have seen views that I certainly haven't seen elsewhere, images which really speak loud. Thank heaven your friends persuaded you to change your mind Brian!

Jing said...

a photo about 911, a kind of memory of 911, and a big wish for 911.
the light looks great!!

Nathalie said...

The collage works fabulously well Brian. However I believe there should be no pressure in covering the 9/11 event. I chose not to - but then I'm in Australia not in NYC.

Kala said...

night photos are too difficult without tripods - I completely understand your reasons - I fail to post with poor quality night shots as well =)