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Friday, September 01, 2006

No Standing

There was so much noise coming from the street (not an unusual situation on lower Broadway) that we decided to close our office windows. In doing so, we observed a typical construction site but noticed a not so typical work scenario - the backhoe operator was stretched out, snoozing away in plain view of passersby and traffic - here's the perspective from the window. I couldn't resist a quick photo break and went down to the street for more photos. His compadres were busy doing hard labor - digging by hand with shovels, cutting pipe, etc. We noticed his (in)activity went out until noon, when he awoke and started reading the newspaper (lunch break?). I learned from this that being a heavy machinery operator might have some privileges and that Caterpillar must make some very efficient equipment. In fairness, I did notice a number of No Standing signs in the area - perhaps he was just following the rules to the letter :)


Anonymous said...

Ahh, the REAL New York.

Olivier said...

Tres bon ;o)) Bravo, tu as le coup d'oeil du photographe, j'adore.
New York est ces eternels travaux.

Kate said...

This has to be one of my all time favorite photos. I like EVERYTHING about it!!

Nathalie said...

Wonderful shot again, great catch.
Thanks for your photos, many are worthy of note. I'm impressed that there's someone in NY who actually has time to take pictures like yours, I thought everyone was just so busy running around making money. Keep it up, I look forward to returning to your site for more.
Greetings from Sydney Australia

Chad Oneil said...

Great Image!