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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Central Park has its own authentic handcrafted gondola imported from Venice, called La Fia de Venezia (the daughter of Venice). The 37-foot gondola was donated to the Park Conservancy by NYC philanthropist Lucy Moses. The black craft, oared by gondolier Andreas, was introduced to the waters of the Lake in May 1986 and has been a huge attraction and a source of continued surprise ever since. Click here for another photo. The rides are available during the summer and early autumn from the Loeb Boathouse at the Lake, weather permitting, for $30 per half hour for up to 6 people per boat. Rowboats are also available - I was surprised to learn this activity goes back to the opening of Central Park in the 19th century. And this year, kayaking on the Lake was introduced for the first time. The boating and gondola rides go through October 30 so there's still time ...


Anonymous said...

Je n'en avais encore jamais vu a central park. Superbe idee (un peu cher quand meme)

Curly said...

Brian that's a fascinating and unknown insight into Central Park. We learn something new evry day in Daily Photo.

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twistedzero said...

looks like fun! nice shot!

-Raymond from Singapore