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Monday, October 23, 2006

I Am Legend

No, this is not a war zone. For two weeks, there has been nightly filming in Washington Square Park of the 2007 film I Am Legend starring Will Smith. You can read about the cast, synopsis, etc., here. This is the biggest production I have ever scene - 12 hour film days from 6PM to 6AM with cranes, stadium lighting, large felled trees, lit helium balloons to simulate moonlight, and last night the most impressive fog/lighting display. Click here for more photos. The film is based on the novel of the same name by highly acclaimed author Richard Matheson - some consider it one of the best horror novels written (the film The Omega Man was also based on the novel, but the new film is not based on the older film.) This is a "last man on earth" plot with Will Smith trying to fend off the population which has been transformed into blood thirsty, vampire-like hemocytes by a virus. The entire park set has been very surreal with the various types of night lighting. And the film production crew has been extremely cooperative with the community - we have been enjoying the nightly entertainment.


Cynthia said...

In the city, you can always tell if they're shooting a movie, a TV show or a TV commercial by the amount of trucks parked around the neighborhood. Big Hollywood movies take up blocks and blocks, with all kinds of trucks for crew and equipment. The smaller TV commercials usually have 5-6 trucks parked near the set.

You've captured the ambiance very well. I love shooting at night!

Brian said...

I like night photography also, but this barely qualified - at times it lit so brightly, it was nearly like daytime.

JoeyJoey said...

Since it is a horror flick I'm curious if there will be any rats shown in any of the scenes. The local vermin might take offense to this typecasting and run through the set in protest. Washington Square Park as never seen before!

Ruth said...

How fun! Can't get over all the detail in the leaves.

Kim said...

Super capture! I love the lighting on the trees. I vaguely remember the Omega Man. Your mention of Will Smith playing the last man on earth against transformed unhuman creatures puts me in mind of Night of the Living Dead. Hope Will fares better! Compared to this shot, when they film exterior shots here in Seattle for Gray's Anatomy, it looks like a college video class. Your shot is amazing to see!

John Nez said...

12 hours of filming and I'll bet it'll only last about 3 minutes in the movie.

I always find watching a movie being made to be mostly amazing at how little actually happens. Hours and hours of setting up everything and then 20 seconds of 'action'.

Then another 2 hours of setting stuff up again and break for lunch!

I can see why actors often prefer theatre to movies.