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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Carlton Hotel

This is the Carlton Hotel at 88 Madison Avenue at 29th Street. I had no plans to photograph this building, had never seen it before and knew nothing about it. But walking by it at night, I found the lighting on this Beaux-Arts building quite spectacular. My research both on and offline returned very little - so I really had to dig. I learned the most from the recent press - click here for the Hotel's website with these articles. Built as the Seville Hotel in 1904, it was in steady decline until it recently underwent a 5-year $60 million dollar renovation led by starchitect David Rockwell. One of the high points of the renovation was the discovery of a stained glass skylight dome (believed to have Tiffany glass) hidden above a dropped ceiling above an old barroom and severely blackened - read the story here. This dome was restored and installed over the new restaurant Country with chef Geoffrey Zakarian - a lot of positive buzz on this place. A new 3 story annex serves as entrance (click here for photo) with a limestone balcony, a turn-of-the-century curved staircase and a waterfall. One of these days I need to get in there and see that dome ...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful hotel and the lighting is spectacular!

I stayed very close to it last fall but never saw it. One of the articles (dated 2005) stated that they had been offering rates of $159-$209 as other construction was still going on. Now, rates start at $449...just one year later.

Kate said...

It is a gorgeous building which you photographed beautifully!!!

Brian said...

I saw those promo rates too and thought that something in that range was still available (for friends and family) but I guess those deals are over.

Jackie said...

I love these lit up buildings (yesterday's pic was great too). I've just been out myself photographing some of lit-up Glasgow (playing with the night setting on my camera, which I'd not used before). It's fantastic how different the same place can look lit up.

Anonymous said...

We were so proud to see our hotel so wonderfully photographed. The transformation of the hotel culminated in the exterior lighting project and we are thrilled that our neighbors and visitors alike can now appreciate this very special building.

As the GM of the hotel, we are proud that the Madison Square Park district has become so vibrant and we are glad to be a part of it. Our restaurant Country was rated by Michelin in its first year, and the interiors are as spectacular as the exteriors.

As for our rates.....ah yes, they have gone up but the the Christmas season will be ending soon and rates will drop down a bit come the new year. The hotel has received raves reviews and with four star finishes and services the new Carlton is worth a few more sheckles!

Thanks everyone for your positive remarks.

Joey Joey said...

Gotta hand it to ya Brian! Those night shots are the best! You've captured the beauty of architectural lighting in NYC. This is what makes me excited about this city. Like people, the buildings take on another identity in the evening. Almost as if they were to have a party of their own. A nice change for a quieter than Times Square scenario. No competition here! jj

Brian said...

Joey Joey;
I love NYC at night also - it gives that thrill that I had when I first moved to the city. It's that energy - only a huge city like New York is going to have all this activity at night; you know that you are someplace different and unique. You're not in Kansas anymore.

Kelly said...

Hi Brian,

I just returned home to Australia after spending three weeks in the US, including 12 days in NYC.

I've been visiting your site for several months and love seeing your photos and reading your articles.

How exciting to see this photo and the Met Life one upon my return - we stayed at Madison Ave & 27th Street right in between these two landmarks!

Another thing - I'd read about the Theatre OUF Pink Ladies on your site a while ago and visited their website to see if I could track them down on either of the Saturdays we were going to be in NYC. I was disappointed to see that their site hadn't been updated. But then we ran into them in a subway station on our second Saturday afternoon anyway! An amazing coincidence in a wonderful city!

All the best,
Kelly in Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Spectacular indeed.

Alex said...

New York. This city is always in my heart. Last time I have been to N.Y city in autumn 2006.
This hotel is looks great an in my next trip I will stay in Carlton.
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