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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Colossal Missbehavior

The hand-painted mural has all but died - however in the last two years, Colossal Media has revived the art, with dozens of their signs appearing around the city. According to the NY Times, Colossal Media is "a two-year-old Williamsburg company that is trying to revive the labor-intensive, near-obsolete craft of hand-painted signs." Cofounders Adrian Moeller and Paul Lindahl had their hands in graffiti before starting Colossal, along with graphics and signpainting experience. The company has long-term leases on a number of building walls in the city. It takes a few days for the art to go up, with painters working 12-14 hour days. The mural in the photo was for a boutique on the Lower East Side called Missbehave at 231 Eldridge Street, which was opened by Samantha Moeller, who now is publishing Missbehave magazine and managing her multimedia website.


Anonymous said...

Great photo, your pages rock like a New York cinnamon bagel. Greetings from Scotland.

kurt said...

this is a great shot - and it's great how you describe all your photos. i appreciate that a lot (and have added your blog to our links-list).
greetings from austria, kurt

Carlos said...

Absolutely fantastic shot and mural

Frank H. Jump said...

The mural below was painted by teaching artist Brett Cook-Dizney.