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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Subway Art

Although the NYC transit system is far from beautiful, efforts have been made to beautify it. One such project is the MTA Arts for Transit, founded in 1985 in an effort to make the system inviting and attractive. A variety of media is displayed - ceramics, sculpture, posters and illuminated photographs. From the official MTA website: "Both well-established and emerging artists add to a growing collection of works created in the materials of the system — mosaic, ceramic, tile, bronze, steel, and faceted glass. The art can be seen in the miles of walls within the system and in the gates, windscreens, plazas, and architecture ... Artists are chosen through a competitive process that uses selection panels, comprised of visual arts professionals and community representatives, which review and select artists." Many well known artists are featured, such as Roy Lichtenstein, Jacob Lawrence, Eric Fischl, Elizabeth Murray, Tom Otterness, Nancy Spero and Vito Acconci. The photograph is a piece at 34th Street/Penn Station titled Garden of Circus Delights done in 2001 by Eric Fischl. "A series of murals takes commuters from the familiar to the bizarre circus world. The murals portray fire-breathers, acrobats, and animals; gradually one realizes that a commuter has left home and been pulled into the circus, where he meets incredible circus characters and then, on the other side of the tent, he emerges in the white light and harmony, a commuter again, but transported and transformed."


walter said...

Excellent photo of a spectacular mural. What underground station is this mural in?

Brian said...

I think you read the post before I edited it - I had forgotten to give the location: 34th Street / Penn Station.

X!ne said...

Your photographs never fail to blow me away. All these places I know and have seen have never looked so good. I've seen some other daily photo blogs but yours is really impressive for the interesting subject matter, informative text, and great photos. Rock on!

Nathalie said...

How did you manage to find a time where no commuters were around? Anyway, I am in awe. Both the photo and the art work are very stimulating for the eye and the mind.

Brian said...

X!ne & nathalie;
Thanks - I have always perferred shooting landscapes, architecture etc - all without people. I generally wait if I can get a shot without people. I've only recently gotten to appreciate photos that feature or involve people. I'm glad some of you like my approach.