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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

W Hotel Union Square

This is the W Hotel Union Square at 201 Park Ave South and 17th Street. This Beaux Arts marvel is probably the most architecturally notable building in the Union Square area, with its granite and limestone exterior and mansarded roof. The structure was built in 1911 to the designs of D'Oench & Yost for the Germania Insurance Company. The company name was changed during World War I to Guardian Life. In 2000, it completed its transformation as the W Hotel Union Square. The W Hotel chain was launched by Starwood Hotels in 1999 as a "fun, hip" place - the "W" stands for their slogan "Whatever, Whenever." The hotel renovations were designed by the firm of starchitect David Rockwell. The coffered ceilings, mosaic floors and vaulted marble hallways were restored - the rooms themselves have been modernized. There is a grand mahogany and limestone staircase in the lobby, a Rockwell signature. Greenery has been added in the way of large topiaries and wheatgrass planters in the lobby. There is a streetside living room for hanging out...


Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Yes, yes, I'll make the reservation right now. ;-)
May I ask what camera you are using?

Brian Branch said...

I remember asking how much was a room in there! Slighly above my budget I would say. Nice blog - I was looking for a photoblog about NYC and found yours. It’s now bookmarked. I like the additional info that accompanies the photos.

Anonymous said...

I guess if you live in New York there is no camera made to get the whole building in the frame and there is not enough space to back up to get it all in so we are fortunate to see this much. And the colors and the style makes it a memorable picture.
720 pixels
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Curly said...

One year on and you are still at it Brian, how many miles do you cover getting around the city?

South Shields Daily Photo

Brian said...

merisi - Canon 30D with 17-85 IS lens

brian - Thanks

abraham - Actually, a wide angle lens does quite well in most circumstances.

curly - I don't cover as much ground as I would like. Photography is rough in cold weather. Not that it is warming up, I plan on covering more ground and getting more diversity in neighborhood.


An Honest Man said...

Thanks for letting me see the actuality after the neon sign at night!

Randall said...

I happened to find this blog when someone posted a link to the custom bikes on a sculpture forum I read. As a former New Yorker I found the blog so far interesting and brings back fond memories of life in Greenwich Village.

Your images remind me a lot of Gammablog's on

Let's see more old architecture like this hotel!
You may find my architecture site interesting as well.


Anonymous said...

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