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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


NYU provides two window galleries for public viewing of art, Broadway Windows and Washington Square Windows (previously featured on this site - click here.) Both spaces are lit 24 hours a day. Broadway Windows, located at East 10th Street and Broadway, is currently featuring Waterworld by Bates Wilson. Wilson salvages scrapped metals and abandoned objects to create metal-finned fabricated fish that swim through the imagined waters of an otherworldly urban aquarium - one can find sun-fish, crested sail-fish and striped flying fish. "These fish are organicistically constructed of sheet metals, found objects and rivets. They have the feel of Jules Verne and could swim in the oceans of the metropolis. The idea is to make something new out of things old; to take that which is discarded and renew the life that it once had. Art should allow for a continuous evolution of materials and ideas." It's a pleasant surprise to happen upon displays of art like this while walking in the city ...


Mme Benaut said...

Very interesting display and creative use of recycled materials by Wilson. Thanks Brian

LN_cello said...

Hello Brian,

Am a regular visitor of yr blog since some weeks - I really enjoy! It gives me (born + raised on a farm, now living in The Hague) interesting view on life in NY.
My favourites, as photos: the Redtail Hawk (stunning) an the Ful Medames "display" (mouth watering)!
Plus, thanks to you and yr readers, I found and other birder blogs.

LN from NL

Brian said...

mme benaut

Thanks - I'm glad the website is of use to you.

Twilight said...

Beautiful recycled public art...most creative. I really like these photos. I'd been enjoying your blog regularly. Thank you.

Kate said...

Awesome! I'm excited to see this in your blog, since I live in the building where these are hosted. I see them every day when I walk home, they're the best I've seen on display here so far.

Tomoko Akashi said...

I just met SUNFISH at the Bouley venue 'Test Kitchen' at 88 West Broadway. There are three of Bates's fish on display, worth while seeing them in person! Call Nicole Bartelme at Bouley to make an appointment- 212.964.2525, plus the open kitchen is beautiful~! ~ Tomoko