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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dyke March

This is Gay Pride Week (6/17/07-6/24/07) - an international phenomenon now taking place in 140 cities around the world. Manhattan's own celebration includes parades, marches, festivals, rallies, dances and parties. Yesterday was the 15th Annual New York City Dyke March, taking place the day before the big Gay Parade (today). The Dyke March has been growing in size which is particularly interesting, given that even in NYC, the lesbian community is still a relatively invisible group, particularly in comparison to the gay men's community which has made large gains in the last 40 years with visibility and approval in many spheres and sectors - witness the TV program Queer Eyes for a Straight Guy, e.g. Much of the populace now sees various sexual orientations as just part of the human condition - a percentage of the population has been gay/lesbian since the dawn of time and will continue to be so regardless of of any efforts to eradicate these groups. I believe that one of greatest problems facing full acceptance of the gay community is the continuing position of the various churches that view homosexuality negatively. Social mores in this country still trickle down from religious doctrine owing to a history largely as a judeo-christian society rather than secular ...


Eric said...

There is room for mentality change even in the most Christian countries though...

The "acceptance level" - horrible expression I know!! - is now much higher in France whereas it used to be a very very strict Catholic country.

Zsolt said...

this March looks like fun...we have similar event in Hungary but more tensions arround it. I agree with Eric..the "acceptance level" is higher but still I wouldnt talk about "acceptance".

talj said...

And sadly those 'religious' beliefs stretch throughout the world.

A great photo of this March, I saw a few other images of this day and it certainly looks like they had fun...I look forward to seeing your Pride photos!

SCS said...

Estive quase duas semanas sem aqui vir e parece que me falta uma parte das Notícas Mundiais.
Das mais reais.

A vida crua, de rua.
Aquela que só a sabe quem nela vive.

Bom voltar, sinto-me extremamente bem recebida!

Vira Vento *

Anonymous said...

The problems you cite are all true and have been around as long as a gay community. I think the commuity had now got most of America to believe it is a natural condition everywone had but some are more pronounced than others. It is in my family so we accept it as being normal for us or for my family.

Abraham Lincoln
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• Eliane • said...

A true New York commentary. Why people in other parts of the country are so narrow, closed-hearted and integrist at times, is something that I'll never understand. And I do try.