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Monday, October 08, 2007

Oktoberfest New York

Until yesterday, I did not realize that there was a place in Manhattan where one could have a serious, authentic Oktoberfest celebration. While strolling down Avenue C in the East Village, a friend and I stumbled upon Zum Schneider Restaurant and Biergarten. Festivities were under way with people spilling out on to the streets, a film crew on the scene, an oompah band musician with his trombone, Schneider Weisse umbrellas, Hofbräu München flags and of course plenty of beer drinking. Oktoberfest dates back to 1810, in honor of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. It takes place in Munich (Bavaria) Germany and is the largest fair in the world with 6 million people attending. The festival lasts over two weeks, ending in October. Fourteen main beer tents are set up, each associated with a different brewery - some hold nearly 10,000 people - click here for more info. Zum Schneider was opened in 2000 by Bavarian Sylvester Schneider, who missed summers in the beergarden of his native land - click here for Zum Schneider's website. So, if you're looking for a Bavarian indoor Biergarten or Oktoberfest in NYC, this looks like the place to be. Neighborhood residents, however, have not been so pleased, but a settlement was reached ...


Anne Corrons said...

I didn't know either. I never go to Avenue C, so I think I should take a look. Thanks for your idea.

don said...

i like your blog so much!!! It give so a good impressing of the real New York. The story's with the beautiful pictures. A great work. I was in berlin last week and there was also a little oktoberfest.

Brian said...

Don - thanks

anne - I have been recently going to the East Village a little more because of this blog and to revisit the community gardens. Although the architecture of the new and older housing leaves much to be desired, the variety of restaurants, music and nightlife makes it one of the most interesting and vibrant neighborhoods in NYC.

• Eliane • said...


Mario Hemken said...

Hi Brian,

I´m the great fan of your blog from Münster/Germany. We get in contact some months ago.
For me it is funny to see the german "culture" be part of the NYC Scene. But I know that there are a lot of germans who live their over generations.

I get on your blog every day and for me it was the engine to come back to NYC as soon as possible. And I wanna tell you: I WILL come back. I will stay for 2 weeks from 22 March till 05 April 2008.
Maybe I meet you on the streets :-)

Yesterday I saw a short clip in german TV about a church service where all possible pets and animals can go. Have you heard about that ??


Mario Hemken

Brian said...

Mario - actually, I did recently run across a pet blessing ceremony at St. Lukes church.

Mario Hemken said...

Hi Brian: yes, you`re right, it was at the St.Lukas Church.
This ceremony happens every year in October.

Tell me: How can it be that you have so much time to go around the streets and get all this wonderful shots ? Are you working as an professional photographer ?


Mario Hemken