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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Color Brigade

Today is the first day of Spring - I find our collection of individuals and their wears appropriately festive and uplifting. New York City's populace comes in an extraordinary spectrum of colors, both skin and fabric. I came across this group in Union Square Park. When I arrived, the fellow in blue pants was being interviewed and filmed - it appeared to be an unplanned event. As I watched, the group grew in size - they became quite animated as a new member of the color brigade arrived (woman with the bag). It appeared that the level of self adornment and outlandish dress was de rigeur - I would be curious to know if their social circle includes anyone dressed more conventionally.
I have done a number of postings featuring various captures of local color - here are the links:
The outrageous Fashion Forward, People of Color, Narcissism Gone Wild, Snake Charmer, Superheroes, Circus Amok and the more subdued Wood Nymph
Of course nothing tops the parades: Halloween Parade 06, Halloween Parade 07 Part 1, Halloween Parade 07 Part 2, Easter Parade 06, Easter Parade 07, The Dance Parade and the the Hispanic Day Parade.

Note: You have to love those shoes ...

SPRING TIP: This Sunday is the annual Easter Parade, which takes place on Fifth Avenue in the 50s. I have been two years in a row (see the links for the photos for 2006 and for 2007 above). The parade is more of a gathering (no barricades or marching). I highly recommend it - one of the most underrated events in the city. The event goes way beyond Easter bonnets - there is even some full costuming ...


Anonymous said...

Wow. Very colorful photos. I like this presentation very much. You are a gifted photographer.

I hope you get to see my Brookville blog today. You can see me in my car on the Interstate going 65 mph. Wheeee!

Lucy said...

Hope you decide to use these and the others you have done for posters of the colorful sub-cultures of NYC and the seasonal parades and displays...I think many would really enjoy that.

Lori said...

this is cool. i guess it takes them awhile to get ready in the morning.

Mario Hemken said...

Hello Brian,
here is Mario from germany again.
Tomorrow is my day, I come to NYC for two weeks and see the town again.

Do you know the Lighthouse shop on 111east 59th street?
It is a shop where you can allday things like telephones,Mirrors, calculators etc. mainly for elder people. And all things are in a xxl size. You look like a dwarf between all this stuff.

I will go to some places you have posted here. It is a true inspiration for all NYC tourists.


rabbit haircut said...

Speaking of eccentric dressers, have you ever seen the bald woman with the silver jewelry attached to her skull who walks around on the upper east side (Madison/70s)?