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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sea of Yellow

What was most remarkable about my journey in this vehicle was the comment my friend Joey made while driving me uptown - he referred to what we saw as a "sea of yellow" - that is exactly the phrase I have used many times and what was in my mind as we crept through slow moving traffic. I shot a number of photos "blind" by raising the camera through his open sunroof. The evening light really enhanced the already yellow hue of the taxis.
Taxis are part of the fabric of this city. Perhaps fabric is too flattering and some would prefer background noise. But in either case, there are many times, as seen in this photo, where yellow dominates the street and rules the eye.
When I was a college student, I drove a taxi for about a year and a half. Those were rough times and it was the wild west. It was exciting, though and I learned more about the city more quickly than any other way. It was like orientation on steroids. Although driving is brutal and stressful, it is immediate cash money, so for the student or individual who is living hand to mouth, it can be a good source of income. But it is not for the faint of heart. One of my most popular images in the last two years of doing this photo site is of a taxi crash into a post - see it here.
Driving a taxi is a competitive sport - jockeying for position, cursing other players, fighting for that passenger fare. There are winners and losers. And if you don't score, just pick yourself up and keep running ...


marley said...

I like it! Good photo especially as you took it 'blind'. I like your narrative too. Its hard to imagine New York without yellow taxis.

Brian said...

Thanks. I was surprised that i got good framing on all my shots shooting this blind while moving. I always see the streets of Manhattan as a Sea of Yellow.

Just Roaming The Cities said...

Woah--that is a sea of yellow! I think the same thing when I see all the school buses heading out down the street, and I promise myself that one day Ill get there before they do and get some shots! Maybe tomorrow I will, because time for school buses is almost over. Great shot. Love the crash one. The one cop looks like he's almost smiling-I'm sure he's not.

• Eliane • said...

I always think that a yellow cab adds some authenticity to any picture.
Your picture of the taxi crash is quite amazing. I sometimes find that they can drive a little crazy but I have never seen any accident involving a taxi yet.

India Daily Photo said...

Very nice photo. I had a similar one that I posted here.
Sea of yellow in Calcutta, India