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Monday, May 12, 2008

Soho Treasures

This shop is nearly sensory overload - the visual impact alone is what compelled me to take photos for this article. Started four years ago by Joseph Pauletich, SoHo Treasures at 123 Mercer Street, specializes in mid-century furniture and articles, acquired through estate sales and auctions. The articles are sometimes reupholstered or refinished. The store sells to retail clients along with designers, shop owners and others who may utilize the items as props in stores, various environments, TV or film.
Originally, the store made acquisitions through locker room sales - some of these sales were made where the entire contents were sold as a lot. In these cases, bidders are not allowed to enter a locker or touch the contents before bidding - they can only attempt to assess the value via a view from the doorway of the storage room.
This is one of those unique NYC spots that you wont find elsewhere. I put SoHo Treasures on a list with ABC Carpet and Home as a place for the visitor or resident to check out if you are interested in home furnishings or perhaps a stroll through a menagerie of one-of--kind items - furniture, art, bars, display cases, jewelry, lighting, mirrors. Go here to visit their website.

Note about the photo - the individual reflected in the mirror is photographer friend Bill who has been mentioned a number of times on this blog.


• Eliane • said...

A good address indeed. It is a fun place to stroll. ABC Carpet too. Interesting to learn about the locker room sales!

Grand Life said...

I haven't been able to visit for several days but it's delightful to catch up on your great posts. I see so many things I want to pursue next trip.

Rose said...

This is a great photo...there is so much going on there...
I love it!

Blognote said...

A great photo indeed!