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Friday, July 11, 2008


Regular readers of this site will have observed an interruption yesterday in this online publication for the first time in its 2 and one half year history. This is not a harbinger for times to come or any lessened interested on my part. There is good reason for this interruption as the photo and the tale to be told will tell. A tale of interruption, disruption and commencement.
It is rumored that a particular residential tenant had contracted to perform much needed repairs in his home. Residents of this city know that the services rendered by landlords can frequently be poor or nonexistent and that unless matters are taken into one's own hands, one can be forced to live in a manner not too dissimilar from the Dark Ages - go here to see what I mean. I am not an advocate of vigilantism or reckless activity, but at times one must do what one must do.
So on Thursday, July 10, 2008, a crew of men was employed to make said repairs when all concerned were suddenly informed by the building management that work must stop immediately.
Now it was extraordinarily distressing to have materials, a work crew and money committed and then be told that work must STOP and a representative of the landlord would be making a personal visit. The mood was quite anxious as nine people alternated between waves of silence and nervous speculation both positive and negative.
But good luck prevailed and for reasons not completely understood but amid much speculation, after conversations with attorneys and the owner herself, work was permitted to continue, with no discussion of money, changes or other negotiations.
Now in NYC, this is to be considered nothing less than a small miracle, perhaps even a large one. It goes without saying that doing a blog entry in a construction site and under these conditions is reasonable grounds for interruption ...


Terry B said...

Wow. To me, I think it's a big deal when I paint a rental apartment where I'm living. Very impressive, Brian--I hope you plan to stay put for a good long while.

Litsa Dremousis said...

Congrats, Brian! This is huge indeed. Hope all turns out toasty and spectacular.

Hilda said...

I'm so glad nothing bad came out of it—you must have been really tense when you were waiting.

Good luck with the repairs. I just posted a similar photo in My Manila, "Bare Bones," but you can immediately see there's a world of a difference too.

Abraham Lincoln said...

I am glad it worked out for you.

• Eliane • said...

Glad you had the last word on this one.