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Friday, August 01, 2008


The original concept of a city daily photo blog was started by Eric Tenin of Paris Daily Photo. The idea was to give readers a slice of daily life in a city. I have gone beyond that initial idea in this website. However, I still often keep that theme that in mind when I create new postings.
If you saw my posting - Interruption, you know that I have been engaging in a renovation project in my home. Because of this, the blog has suffered some here and there in the last week. Perhaps it is bad form to make apologies for anything a person produces for the public, but I have commited to a daily publishing schedule and it is extremely difficult to work in this environment. I do feel I want to make visitors here aware that this process is extremely disruptive as anyone who has lived IN a constuction site will attest.
Right now I am typing this on a laptop in bed, the only place left that is reasonably clean. Everything is in disarray, all my belongings have been in boxes for weeks, dust is everywhere. Workers will arrive at any moment.
Rather than make a half hearted effort and a mediocre posting, I am sharing with you a REAL slice of NYC life in the spirit of Eric's original concept.
I hope to get back on track next week with more focus. Thanks. Brian Dubé.


Anonymous said...

you need to ship me over to ny and help you lol :]

Terry B said...

Brian—I was wondering how the project was coming along. Hope it's not too much longer now. And I think of this post more as a microscopic view of life in New York than I do as an apology. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

It may be funny, but this "out of focus" post may have been the most informative one on this blog.

Finally we can all understand what these young kids were looking at when they visited your place...

Juggling is wonderful and exciting... I hope you tell us more about this fascinating world...

Ft Worth Daily Foto said...

Please link my new blog to your site. Ft Worth (Texas) Daily Photo. I just started it today and will have a new pic up every day!! Thanks! I love
your site here and you'll be linked from my blog.

- K

Anne Corrons said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I love this post, Brian, as much as any of your other posts -- no apologies necessary -- it's personal and intimate in nice contrast to the wider view of the city. Thanks for sharing. I stop by frequently and really enjoy the effort you put into the posts both for the visuals and accompanying text.


swan_pr said...

good luck with the renovations :) I just found your site and am totally in love. yours is the most informative site about the city that I've ever found. my only regret is that I'm leaving in 6 days and I feel I won't have enough time to soak up on the info you so graciously provide here as well as an authentic and sincere look at a city that everyone should visit at least once in their lives (this will be my 6th trip). thank you for the fantastic work and again, good luck!

lalo said...

i study architecture in Guadalajara, Mexico, and your blog has been an amazing guide for the last 3 or 4 months

i got to new york 5 days ago, (first time here) and the day before i got here, i felt like i already knew this place, i find the places i got more interested in (from your blog), in every corner (and sometimes accidentally, like the scholastic building, or the greek cup)

i even smile gratified when i receive that rude new yorker attitude (specially from the grocery guy 1 block from where i'm staying, or from a few subway station attendants), because i have already expected it


Kelly said...

Thanks for this! This is probably the best "slice of life" shot there is! Hope you will consider sharing the finished project photos!

Aigars Bruvelis said...

No worries, dude - you are doing great job - just letting you know, because I know it sometimes feels like "should I continue doing this?".

Keep up a good work!