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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pumpkins Too

The display in this photo may appear to be somewhat early, but that is the state of the current retail environment. Business is so much more sophisticated and competitive. The general increase in foreknowledge of holiday sales has lead to an enormous expectation on the part of businesses. So now retailers extend holiday periods as much as possible in hopes of driving more sales. Historically, the Christmas season has begun on black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. However, we now see many retailers with Christmas displays and ornamentation well in advance of Thanksgiving.
For many retailers, profit or loss for the entire year depends on Christmas sales, so I am sympathetic to a degree. But on the other hand, the overly aggressive marketing, advertising and promotion can become distasteful, turning holidays into nothing but commercial events - soon we risk having a perennial Christmas I am not against celebration, but one must be careful or the spirit and meaning of holidays can be easily lost.
Autumn and Halloween are very much times defined by nature and the outdoors - pumpkins and straw are visual treats for city dwellers - much needed reminders that there is a world apart from concrete, asphalt, glass and steel. The city has to put its own spin on many holidays, keeping as many key elements as we can and improvising the rest. Trick or treat at Halloween is one holiday activity that is severely curtailed.
But we have pumpkins - wonderful eye candy for triggering memories of shuffling though fallen leaves or the excitement of making the neighborhood rounds on Halloween ...


tr3nta said...

Is it Halloween already!???!!?? :-)

Anonymous said...

un saludo desde mi planeta.

berlinphoto said...

I don't know if this is really so early, in Germany they started to sell Christmas bakery and Christmas sweets two weeks ago. I think that is absolutely strange. I love Christmas sweets but they should fit to the season and not be sold when sometimes it is still 20 degrees Celsius.