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Friday, November 28, 2008


Today is Black Friday and although the phrase has positive business connotations (see my previous posting here for a history of the term), this year there is an economic malaise in this country where the more common meaning of the word black may better apply.
I think most have to agree that the election of Barrack Obama is being seen as a ray of hope in a very dark room. Turning a new leaf in a book that everyone has tired of reading. A young president with fresh ideas to take us into into a rapidly changing world.
When I first saw this Christmas display at Macy's with the message Believe, I interpreted it to mean the word believe was being used in a way one would expect during the holiday season - believe in Santa, believe in Christmas, etc.
I don't know the precise original intention of the store display designer or even whether there was a specific intended meaning, but in light of the international mood, allow me to interpret and suggest that we all make an effort to believe in better days to come ...


Anonymous said...


Wayne said...

The two other photographers add interest to this shot. The light fixtures and the lettering of the sign are great.

Whatever the intended sentiment of the display might be the objective is to seduce people into buying 'stuff'.

Ineke said...

wayne put it much nicer than i could.

couldn't help but be attracted to the poor whores story. what if you were a whore. and didn't make that much money. Wouldn't you better go work at walmarts or something like that?

Lily Hydrangea said...

I like your thoughtful commentary on this subject. I definitely believe there are better days ahead, though I do find myself bracing myself for the unexpected in the meantime.

Lois said...

I will be optimistic and believe that there have to be better days ahead!