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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Devil Ups the Ante

It would be fair to accuse me of wanting to have my cake and eat it too, but I would not mind attending the New Year's celebration at Times Square without the crowds. Crowds are obviously part of the experience but it's an experience most New Yorker's can do without. I can't recall anyone I know attending in decades. I have attended a few times including the millennium celebration. See the links below for previous postings on the event, the ball drop and Times Square.
New Year's eve is very much a partying holiday and most activities are overpriced, overcrowded and many are fraught with logistical issues. This is one holiday that scares many and who opt for a less stressed night at home, perhaps watching the ball drop at Times Square on TV and looking forward to another workday off.
I hope today's photo does give evidence that I am not the complaining curmudgeon. Last night before going to sleep, I decided to get dressed, go back out into the cold and make a trip via subway to Times Square to see and photograph the preparations. I was surprised to find the area packed and abuzz at a late hour. Broadway theater goers leaving shows contribute to the crowd. The media was already there, setup in as central and prime a location as one could have.
The lighting in Times Square is now absolutely amazing with an array of neon and state of the art electronic displays. There is actually an ordinance requiring building owners to display illuminated signage.
Whether visitor or resident, I recommend visiting this devil's playground any night. The ante has been raised - even the devil needs plenty of new tricks to compete with so many other temptations ...

Photo note: This is the view looking south. Above the Toshiba display (where the count down appears) you can see the LED illuminated Waterford crystal ball atop a pole - you can read about it here.


Terry B said...

A somewhat quieter New York event that sounds pretty cool is watching the fireworks in Central Park. I think that's where I would head.

Jarart said...

Good shot, thanks for venturing out. Our kids would go but we would not unless we could watch from a window far above the crowds.

Afyonkarahisar said...

New year'S to you happiness, and quiet and the welfare will bring.

annulla said...

You are far braver than I am; I am staying far, far away from Times Square today. Those hordes scare me!

Hope you have a happy and healthy new year, and I look forward to seeing many more of your wonderful stories and photos in 2009!

Blather From Brooklyn

Lily Hydrangea said...

interesting, media camping out a full day before! Thanks for the post and happy new year to you.

Lynette said...

Portland Oregon Daily Photo sends you heartfelt wishes for the new year. May your 2009 be filled with good health, riches of the mind and heart, loved ones returning home, an increased respect for our fragile planet, and the cessation of wars across the Earth.

Thanks for sharing this vivid photo and your thoughts on the Times Square event. Mama and I just watched it on TV, thankful we were in our apartment in Portland!

• Eliane • said...

That made me smile. I share your views.
I was in the same crowd for the Millenium. It was my first year living in New York. A few years later, my office moved into the building that is just behind that sign: with a great view of the ball. Every year we have a party and it is fun to see all this from inside when it freezing down there, to look down and not up at the fireworks.

Happy New Year, Brian! Bonne Année. :)