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Monday, December 08, 2008

Paddy Reilly's

I'm not obsessed with free or averse to paying admissions. Attending free events is a dual edged sword like most things - although I find it a healthy antidote to a society where much is defined by the dollar, there is a danger of reducing your standards because something is free. No need to make contributions to dumbing down when the world is doing an adequate job already.
So when I attend those things that are free in New York City, I do relax my standards somewhat, particularly regarding ambiance and other elements of the performance not related to the music itself. But, I try to not waste time on things that really are not very enriching when the city is brimming with quality entertainment. If you read my posting on the music conservatories (see here), I have written about free quality performances by sharp talents. Another great resource for entertainment are the various bars that have free music jams - frequently with no cover or minimum.
In 2007, I wrote about the Baggot Inn (now closed) and the weekly bluegrass jams with Sheriff Bob. The energy at those sessions often built to frenetic level as the musicians sometimes numbered over 20.
Last night I was invited with friends to Paddy Reilly's Music Bar at 519 Second Ave. (bet. 28th & 29th Sts.). So we ventured out into the subfreezing weather on a Sunday evening. Sunday is a quiet night, so the audience was not large, but to my liking. Over the evening, the jam had at least a dozen musicians/singers. The talent was excellent - it is always remarkable to see the level of artistic talent in this city. A jazz musician once told me that he has seen world class jazz musicians play to empty rooms. Not unusual, particularly with less popular music genres - blues, bluegrass, jazz. I have written about the demise of blues clubs - Terra Blues is the last remaining one - see here.
Paddy Reilly is the owner of this music bar. Born in Dublin in 1939, Paddy Reilly is one of Ireland's most famous Irish folk singers and guitarists, formerly a member of the group the Dubliners. I understand he plays at the bar from time to time. According to the bar, Paddy Reilly's was the first and only all-Guinness draft bar in the world. There is a back room with darts and other activities. Check with the bar before you go - the music changes - some nights are traditional Irish, there are open mikes and on Sunday Night, from 5PM - 8Pm there is the bluegrass jam. And there are cover charges and minimums on Friday and Saturday nights ...


babooshka said...

My knind of place. Love the intimacy of the image.

Linda - SE PA said...

This photo as well as the Tree have eased my being homesick. I relo'd a long time ago - yet, my heart remains a NY'er - LI'er is where I am from.

One of my favorite memories was of going to NYC to see the tree, then over to St. Pat's and then to Hung Fat's in Chinatown. Everyone should visit St. Pat's - it is an experience regardless of faith or lack of faith and is breath-taking and magnificent.

Thank you for easing a real case of the "homesick blues"

Aparna said...

great picture, effect look goods.