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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stemming the Tide

There is a nervousness in this country like nothing I have ever seen. Worry runs deep and New York City, with all its wealth, has not escaped. It is difficult to find places where all feels well and even in affluent neighborhoods, many retailers do not look or feel well. Even the Haves worry about the plight of the Have-Nots, because, perhaps, for the first time, some of the Haves see a possibility of joining the ranks of the Have-Nots.
Yesterday was inauguration day and President-elect Barack Obama takes the helm at one of the worst times in this country's history. In spite of a renewed hope fueled by a new, young administration, the markets plunged over 4%. There had been an expectation of a nice bounce, but the realities outstripped any false euphoria. Everyone realizes this is a very grave situation. Today's New York Times headline reads "After a Day of Crowds and Celebration, Obama Turns to Sober List of Challenges." Sober is the operative word.
City Harvest, founded in 1982, is the world's first and New York City's only food rescue program. The organization rescues 60,000 pounds of food per day, delivers to more than 600 community food programs throughout the five boroughs of New York City and serves over 260,000 people weekly. Read more at their website here.
Even the soup kitchens and food pantries themselves have problems - a shortage of donations of food supplies and the increase in the numbers of people using food services. An article in the New York Times last November reports a steep rise of between 20-40% of demand for food aid nationwide. Read the article here.
I do believe, however, in the resourcefulness of humankind and our ability, when inspired and focused, to achieve the unexpected and stem the tide. A President can only do so much, but a good leader goes a long way to provide impetus. Let us hope that President Obama is that man ...

Photo Note: This photo shows a City Harvest delivery of food to the soup kitchen St. Benedict the Moor Center at 283 St. Ann's Avenue in the Bronx.


Bill B. said...

Amen, brother.

karen said...

I would love to volunteer for City Harvest, if I didn't have to work. They sponsor the food drives that my company holds for thanksgiving and last year we were able to raise $19,000 for City Harvest and people in need. But more needs to be done,

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I reprint your article in The Bronx Times at with proper reference to you as the author?

Peter Milosheff
The Bronx Times