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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was recently at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore at 8th Street and 6th Avenue on the second floor, some minutes before closing. A woman, somewhat harried, was looking for a book - something along the lines of "How to Talk to a Republican." She was apparently involved with one and distressed about the prospects. Standing next to her was Whoopi Goldberg, to whom she asked rather frantically: "Can I date a Republican?"
One of the greatest pleasures of being in this city are the talents and surprises lurking around corners. I try to make no assumptions about people based on appearance. Talent comes in many flavors here - there are the occasional obviously well known figures, some that just look the part and others travel who incognito. See my story Only in New York.
I recently stopped into the Guitar Center on 14th Street with a friend who was unfamiliar with the place. My tour included a room I had never entered which was filled with DJ gear. Three latino men were playing with a CD player with a pressure sensitive scratch disc interfaced with an iMac. The equipment allows the manipulation of digital media much as vinyl lps. Fascinated I watched them test the gear. I took some overhead "hail marys"* and got a few acceptable photos.
They appeared to be friendly, so I introduced myself with a New York Daily Photo business card. I learned that two were professional DJs, Juan and Albert. Juan Pablo was from Cuenca, Ecuador. I told him I would feature them on this website. As I wandered the store, Albert caught up with me to give me his card.
And Whoopi's response to "Can I date a Republican?" She answered without hesitation or equivocation: "Absolutely!"

* Hail Marys are photos taken blind, without using the viewfinder, typically overhead. The term "hail mary" is used owing to the idea a prayer is needed to get a good photo.


Fernando said...

With today's technology, you can have your own band in your laptop. My keyboard player and my drummer, they both use their MacBooks in our gigs. That's why I miss NYC Jazz clubs... No technology. Just music!

Nice post!!

Lily Hydrangea said...

I love this story. Did the frantic woman know she was talking to Whoopi?

Tamera said...

My brother is a Republican. We try not to talk about politics ;o)