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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who's Getting Technical?

The first time I went to the West Coast was by car and it occurred to me at the time that one of the special new experiences to come was to see the sun set over the Pacific Ocean - the first time I would see a sunset over water. However, the assumptions regarding East Coast sunrises and West Coast sunsets over water are mistaken.
Although it is not the rule, there are many places where it is possible to see sunsets over water on the East Coast (and sunrises over water in the West Coast) - it does occur in special situations like bays and peninsulas. In these places, sunrises over water are also typically visible by making a short trip across the peninsula or island.
In most cases, however, land is visible between the water and horizon, but there are locations where no land is visible at all and the sun sets entirely over water. The bay side of Cape Cod is one good example. Technically these sunsets are not over the open ocean, but when there is no land in sight, the experience is virtually the same.
I thought I was the only one who gave serious consideration to the phenomenon of East Coast sunsets over water. But, surprisingly, there are others who share my interest and I even found a blog on the subject it with locations, criteria, and discussions about horizons.
I haven't met a person that doesn't enjoy a beautiful sunset and on my recent excursion to Broad Channel, I was told that sunsets were some of the most spectacular. So, it became an immediate agenda item for the afternoon. Being in the center of Jamaica Bay, surrounded by water, sunrises and sunsets over water can be enjoyed with a short stroll across town.
When the sunsets at Broad Channel or at the Jamaica Wildlife Refuge, one can see land at the horizon, so for the sunset-over-water purists, Broad Channel does not strictly make the grade. But I doubt anyone really cares, because when it comes to sunsets like this, who's getting technical?

Note about the photo: Today's photo was shot from the Jamaica Wildlife Refuge and not in the town of Broad Channel itself.


Charisa said...

Love your photos. I used to live in Stamford and worked in NY city, so I miss the area and enjoy seeing a new pic each day :)

Jacob said...

Pretty amazing shot...I wouldn't have figured you'd be able to do that from the East Coast...

Shows how much I know!

Nancy said...

This is great! I love the Venice pic from yesterday as well. Great photography New York!

Guy D said...

Stunning photo as always Brian, I always enjoy visiting your blog to bring back memories of our honeymoon in NYC. Keep up the great work

Regina In Pictures

Brian Dubé said...

Thanks all - and I encourage a visit to Broad Channel and the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. I plan on going back.

Julie said...

gorgeous photo with the sunlight on the water

Jack Kratoville said...

During the summer months, you can see the sun rise and set over the water on Long Island. Wading River Beach and Iron Pier in Riverhead are great places for sunsets. Sunrises are best in Montauk.