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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cabin Fever

In cities like New York and Paris, where living spaces are smaller and street life is so vibrant, cabin fever and the craving for spring reach a level where people become irrational in their desire for warm weather activities and wardrobe. A hint of spring and some are dressing for August - at 60 plus degrees I am seeing flip-flop sandals, shorts and T-Shirts. And beach goers. You get a feeling that their summer wear is waiting by their doors, lest they risk spending even a second outdoors in clothing even a bit too heavy for the day's warmest moment.
I am seeing tables dotting the sidewalks and people with coats on eating al fresco with temperatures in the 50s. The snowstorm of only one week ago is already forgotten.
Preferences for climate and season are as varied as people themselves, but who is it that is that is not pleased by a coming spring? And what place is not improved by the onset of spring, a time synonymous with renewal?
The photo was taken on the rocky beach in Dumbo at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge looking northwest towards Manhattan - you can read about it here with more photos. This area is one of the most scenic in New York City - both the neighborhood itself with buildings, cobblestone streets, the East River waterfront; our trinity of bridges (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg) and vistas of the Manhattan skyline. That's a lot of punch for your dollar and these people were delighted to spend it :)


ChickenUnderwear said...

It is such a surreal place. On one hand you are sitting on a beach on the other you are sitting under a massive bridge with a subway roaring over your head.

I have taken my kids to the playground there a few times. It always made my subway ride home special to look down and remember the pleasant days I spent down there.

Will Hennessy said...

great picture and commentary!

Anonymous said...

How do i get there? I want to take my own pictures. I live in Sunset Park; my closest trains are the N and de R. Buses: the B63

imhkki said...

great photo, nice place

EddieMambo said...

I know what you mean with the weather & all. its funny. You visit Florida in the winter & girls are wearing shorts & the most Horrible furry mountain boots. I can't understand it. It doesn't look cool walking in Miami like this but they NEED to put them on & express their Urban knowledge.