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Monday, April 20, 2009

Banking Crisis

One thing that can be refreshing at times about children is their brutal honesty and frequent lack of pretension. They say what they think and do what they want without regard to social norms.
On Saturday, the city hit 79 degrees and it appeared that every able bodied New Yorker was on the streets and in the parks. A group of street musicians were performing in Washington Square Park and had an instrument case open for contributions. A father had taken the opportunity to teach his child the ways and means of supporting the arts. His daughter made a number of trips to and from the open case to her father, who supplied her with a coin on each trip. Satisfied with her deposits, she even closed the case for protection.
Soon, however, this child quickly appeared to see the opportunity and attempted to make a major withdrawal, reopening the case and dipping in some money. Why not just take what is available? Perhaps she, like many others in today's banking crisis, had concerns over the security of her deposits. The entire thing became a small theater piece for the entertainment of all - the music took a back seat to the performance.
Some may feel this was just typical of a child's behavior, not socialized and left unchecked. It can be debated, however, whether adults are any better or just more covert in their execution. 
Admonitions were not adequate to dissuade her and the father had to resort to a dragging ritual. But Dad should have realized that one could do much worse in handling money and investments (as most of us have). Perhaps he (and we) should see her actions as a very good way to handle a banking crisis :)


Anonymous said...

Children always innocently make us smile.
Thanks for a nice capture!

Thérèse said...

If honesty could get back into school books...

Virginia said...

What great slice of life you captured. And so true!

Toronto Real Estate said...

Very nicely said and captured, love the look on the little girls face when she is told not to "withdraw" money from the "treasure" she found. It's priceless,

take care, Elli