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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More of Us

As I wrote in Weather Means Whether, I usually feel there comes a day which undeniably heralds the start of spring. Winter coats are put away for good, even if there are a few times where they would be appropriate.
This year however, I'm not feeling it. We have had a roller coaster ride as far as temperatures go with a preponderance of colder days than normal.
Flowers are blooming and trees are budding but they feel like an empty victory over winter. A battle not really quite won and certainly not a trouncing. The problem for a place like New York City with an ill-defined spring, is that when the warm weather finally and clearly arrives for good, the pent up desires released will manifest like a siege - masses rain down on the streets and parks like starved animals, irrationally driven to just be outside at any cost.
Visitors arrive in hordes almost as reminders of the unpleasant hot, humid and crowded days of summer to come. It's not that I dislike spring or summer, it's that they often come too abruptly after teasing in fits and starts.
The other consideration with seasonal changes in the city is the lack of a full immersion experience. In many areas there are virtually no indications of season other than temperature. I have the good fortune of overlooking a park - my views are filled with trees and birds. But even so, the contrast of the seasonal experience in Manhattan with the countryside is extraordinary. The overwhelming smell of earth in the spring is one sensation missed here. A ride in the country will quickly dispel any illusions that you are having a full Spring experience.
The flowers and new green growth are wonderful of course, but they often appear to be window dressing in a man made world of concrete, asphalt, glass and steel that always appears as foreground or background. Perhaps the real problem with nature's bounty in the city is that there are more of us then them ...


Will Hennessy said...

nice post...lovely photo. i would love it if FLA had anything remotely similar to experiencing 'seasons'

Brian Dubé said...

I have never experienced living in a tropical climate without substantial seasonal change. When younger, that was always my fantasy. I am no lover of the winter, however I have no idea if I would like a year-round hot climate either. I hear varied opinions on this subject - many extolling the benefits of changing seasons and others happy they never see winter again.

An Honest Man said...

I wonder if I'm alone in thinking the seasons are not as well defined as they used to be. I live at the edge of a suburban area - so I still get the country smells (including the manure!) - however spring, summer and autumn just seem to drift with little perceptible change.

Probably just age and nostalgia.

Terry B said...

We're on the same roller coaster here in Chicago, Brian, so I know what you mean. That very weather had me cooking a hearty braised chicken dish the other night. We've got warmer weather today, though, so you should see it in a day or two.

Will Hennessy said...

i think because i've endured consistently hot (and what's worse, humid) weather for most of my 38 years, i'm all for getting a break from heat during winter! i'm sure that how one feels about it probably depends on their life experiences and personal preferences...and it's probably also true that the grass is always greener in any case :o)

Magdalena said...

Beautiful, love tulips! And tulips in NY is the best possible combination :-)

Lin said...

I love that photo, what a nice colour splash in the big city jungle.

Here in Sydney, Oz, the weather is just the same although we are heading for winter. Yesterday saw clear blue skies and 28 degrees whereas the days before were cold and rainy.

Coming from Scandinavia I miss the definite season changes but I am very thankful that I'm not in a tropical zone.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photo!!! it's really a great shot.
Thanks for sharing
Love visiting this blog, it is a wonderful blog.

Mary Elizabeth from Sydney

Brian Dubé said...

Magdalena, Lin, Mary - thanks. Got to have flowers in the spring!