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Monday, June 29, 2009

Time Has Come

Although there are some very outrageous participants in the annual Gay Pride Parade, most New Yorkers realize that like any other parade, the dress and manner of the paraders does not typify their everyday life they only represent a small number of the huge LGBT community - many members of the gay community do not participate at all.  Certainly there are members of any group who are flamboyant, but I always point out to those new to the parade that this is their day to act out, just like revelers on many other occasions. As the photos indicate, this is literally and figuratively a rainbow coalition.
The parade is enormous at this point in time - hundreds of thousands attend. The parade begins at 52nd Street and works its way down Fifth Avenue, ending in the West Village. There are floats, groups representing teachers, other professionals, civil servants, and politicians - members of the gay community or those with a strong support for their causes. Apart from the serious agenda, the event has an extremely festive character - it could easily be mistaken for a dance parade. The event is part of Gay Pride week - some of the photos are from Friday's Dyke Parade.
With much of the road already paved after decades of struggles, same sex marriage is one of the last important hurdles to the gay movement. The push for same sex marriage shows a serious interest in committed relationships - the passing of such laws should do much to stabilizing lifestyles and gaining greater acceptance by societies at large - the gay community's ultimate goal. 
Six states have already legalized same sex marriages (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, New Hampshire,Vermont) some currently being performed, others to begin in the near future. Ironically, New York State which is liberal with one of the largest numbers of gays in the United States, is lagging in passing its own legislation.  But I am sure it is just a question of how long for legislation whose time has come ...


Anonymous said...

It's so sad... Gay people should participate in treatment not parades.
I hope "gay marriage" won't be legal in Warsaw. Never.

hope n laughter said...

It is wierd that NY hasn't legalized the marriage yet. I'm shocked some of these other states have done so, because in my mind they're conservative.

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Anon, to me, YOU are sad. :(

Great shots, as always. I love the diversity of them, esp. the one w. the baby in the stroller!

An Honest Man said...

It's probably my innate conservatism, but I don't like the use of the word marriage which has had one meaning to me over my lifetime.

I fully accept that the relationship between couples of the same sex is just as important to them as my marriage is to me and that this needs to be recognised by society at large.

Perhaps we need to find another word to replace it to cover this type of relationship, be it same sex or heterosexual.

Brian Dubé said...

This is such highly contentious - I pleased you all are doing a great job addressing this issue.
An Honest Man - the word "marriage" is a problem as it has a religious connotation.
I have heard many discuss the using the term civil union which is more neutral.

Brooks said...

Joining ALL couples in civil unions regardless of sexual orientation would level the playing field. These unions would confer on same-sex couples the approximately 1300 legal rights and protections currently enjoyed by straight couples only.

Thereafter, couples wanting a religious ceremony could take up the matter with their rabbi, priest, imam, etc.

While no religious organization would be legally obliged to treat all people equally, many have already chosen, voluntarily, to do just that. It's a heartening sign of the times.

Hilda said...

The costumes are so outrageously fun! Love the butterflies!

The Philippines is such a strongly Catholic country, I can't see gay marriage being accepted in the foreseeable future. C'mon, even artificial contraception's such a contentious issue here! :(

I'm just curious: why is your blog listed in the 'Recent Additions' page? You've been around forever!

Michelle Johnson said...

Here's to hoping Gay Rights can be met in a timely manner. I think it's time for America to meet their needs. Afterall marriage is about the love two people can share. Wonderful post Brian. Good night~

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Anonymous said...

New York is not a liberal state. Parts of NYC are, and parts of other cities as well, but New York State is byzantine and reactionary.