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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pomp and Circumstance

I have a number of questions when I see people like this, particularly the man with the quiff - questions such as "Where are you going to go looking like that?" and "Where do you work?" Yes, on a Saturday night out or while shopping at the Apple store, you do look cool as hell, but once the novelty wears off at the workplace, who wants to be looking at this day in and day out? Even as a freelance associate or fellow artist, this is going to get old pretty fast. Are you going to be able to hold a conversation with this man and not be distracted by pink glasses, a pink shirt, and a blond-tipped pompadour that looks like the surf's up at Malibu Beach?

Now an accordion on your back is much more of a temporal and transitory thing. It's really just an unusually large accoutrement which is likely not worn this way at home or at the workplace. There is a very good reason this woman is using an Apple computer with an accordion on her back; I just don't know what it is. She probably was just playing her instrument or will be playing it soon. Or, perhaps she can't afford a case. Perhaps she doesn't want a case and finds it more convenient to carry on her back. Perhaps she wants people to know she is an accordionist.

There are few stores in New York City with as self-assured an attitude (both from the staff and customers) like that of the Apple Stores. Some may bristle at the cult-like atmosphere - there's a smugness of Apple users as being in the know, using the tool of choice, and willing to pay a premium for it. Iconoclasm has historically been a defining characteristic of both the company and its core adherents.  Apple has had a dominant role in the art community from early on. Under the circumstances, pompadours and accordions fit right in :)

Photo Note: These photos were taken at the Apple Store in SoHo. Both individuals were in the store at the same time. Apple has an extremely liberal attitude regarding use of their computers. All have high-speed Internet access, and no restrictions are placed on use or time. Many stop here to check email or for any other variety of uses.


Therese Cox said...

As an Apple-using accordionist, I can tell you I've found myself in this position more than once. Cases are heavy - sometimes it's much easier to just wear your axe on your back. Though usually mine is zipped up in a hoodie to keep curious hands off the pretty keys.

Great site. I've been following along for awhile now, but a well-photographed accordion will always coax me out of my silence.

ScoopSt. said...

Haha, these pictures are fabulous! I love your overview of the first guy! I cannot imagine sitting in a cubicle across from him. You have got to love New York!

MaggieGem said...

As always, great shots and a side of nice story! Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Come on man! Vive y deja vivir!!!