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Friday, September 11, 2009

Just the Messenger

These sightseers certainly got to see the sights. Typically the offerings of TV programs such as Cops, residents and visitors of New York City often witness crimes, lunatic outbursts, and other acts requiring police intervention.

We all have heard about the increase in strength when a person is angry or under stress. Whether or not this is literally true I don't know, but there certainly is the appearance of such an adrenaline-driven reaction in many police apprehensions. This summer, I saw an altercation where it took three policemen to restrain an uncooperative man, wrestling him to the ground before he could be handcuffed.

More recently, I saw what might be considered a minor event on Broadway in the middle of a business day. Traffic was completely stopped. When I arrived, the subject was being shoehorned into the rear of a patrol car. The man apprehended was violent and uncooperative - flailing about in the rear of the car - note his foot extending out the window - see photo. An ambulance and additional police arrived - at one point there were no less than seven police officers on the scene.

Police are often accused of being overzealous. In some cases they are, but a situation like this gives one an appreciation of the unknowns in dealing with a crazed individual.
Those of us watching were most concerned with how the officers were going to transfer such an unruly person from the police car to the ambulance. We were surprised to see this go so smoothly. The man was removed from the police vehicle and strapped securely to a stretcher, and off he went.

His gripe? As the man was carted away, he warned, "Jews will kill you" repeatedly to the crowd of spectators. Not the kind of thing I expect to hear in New York. I'm just the messenger on this one...


arabesque said...

looks morbidly real... nice info. on this post... nice photos of n.y. my 1st visit to your blog...

Lina said...

sorry but I have to LOL. it may sound weird, but this is why I love big cities like for example NYC & LA. you never know what you are going to see on your way to work or just heading to the groceri store.

You have nice blog and this post I really enjoyed. ;)

Mary said...

I have to commend the NYC Police for their sensitive, non-confrontational handling of most incidents.

Thanks for bringing it home to us.

Brian Dubé said...

arabesque - welcome and thanks.

Lina - every walk on the streets can be an adventure.

Mary - yes, the police in NYC are typically very composed in their dealings.

Bharat R said...

Hello - This is a really nice way to capture a slice of New York.And, yes, NYPD does, for the most part, doing a very efficient job. For 9/11, I was eager to capture that other relevant slice - the "tribute in light". See

Anonymous said...

Your fair and accurate depiction of the events is quite refreshing. As a retired police officer, it is difficult to consume the constant and usual negative press, attitudes and rhetoric by those who have "never walked in our shoes". Thank you, love your blog; makes this native New Yorker miss home!

Brian Dubé said...

Anonymous - Thanks. I have been observing NYC police officers more closely and what they have to deal with - hostility, defiance, lack of respect. I'm sure it is a challenge to retain one's composure in the face of all this.