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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I love small buildings and small mysteries. Here, at 82 7th Avenue and 301 Bleecker Street in the West Village, there is a remarkable tiny, two-story building occupied only by Zena and her daughter, Sylvia, who practice their trade as psychic readers. The triangular building dates from 1910 and is only 468 square feet, 234 per floor. The place just exudes charm - windows face both Bleecker Street and 7th Avenue South and allow easy viewing of the interior from the street. A brass placard on the exterior wall says "Zena, New York & Cannes." See the gallery of photos here.

I have passed by this shop for decades. It is quiet, with its glowing interior beckoning to me. Last night, it was time to probe this mystery. As fate had it, while shooting from the outside, pressed up against the beveled glass windows, Zena came by to enter her shop and asked if I would prefer taking photos from the inside. I accepted the invitation and entered for the first time.

This is one of the most comfortable small spaces I have ever been in. Everything is arranged and appointed just so. Soft fabrics, lighting, and warm colors are everywhere. There are stained glass lamps, solid brass finishes, and hardwood floors. A small stairway leads to the second floor, where more plush furnishings could be found, including a sofa. Zena told me that Architectural Digest had visited to do a story illustrating what can be done with small spaces.

I always wondered how such a small enterprise could support a shop in a high-profile, high-rent district. There are many possible answers, but Zena gave me one that made the most sense - she has owned the building for the last 25 years.

An elegant diamond shaped sign hanging in the window proclaims "Clairvoyant." A promo piece with a price schedule below lies below it. I cannot speak to claims of psychic abilities, and I have no experience with Zena or her daughter. For me, it was the mystery of the place that drew me to Zena's...


Patricia said...

Oh, this place looks so inviting, cozy, and comfortable! I want to go in right now for my reading. Alas, I live too far away. sniff sniff

Brian Dubé said...

Readings are quite pricey here - tarot - $40. But a step inside or a look from outside is worth the trip.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Hello Brian - This is my first time visiting you. How strange, I was just thinking of this wonderful building but couldn't remember the Psychic's name. I put my disc of photos from a recent trip to NYC in my computer to find the name and then returned and discovered your flickr and blog and that you had just posted these yesterday. These strange coincidences happen to me all the time. Lovely photos.

kyungmee said...

beautiful photos but more over cool readings! Thanks again;)

Anonymous said...

Be warned. The woman in this shop is a horrible crook. She has exploited the sick and broken hearted for years. Very smooth and cruel. Belongs in jail.

Lina said...

Lina adds...
I first was drawn to Zena by the lyics in a Joni Mitchell song. Saw Zena's daughter in 1999 and Zena in 2009. Surprisingly, both women gave very similar readings. The daughter was right-on on so many facts, I was awe struck. I'm not buying the scam warnings. It was great fun to meet both ladies and the building is wonderful. Loved your pictures and love your website.

Anonymous said...

You should "buy" the scam warnings. Zena aka sylvia Mitchell is being sued by a client fruad. These women are true crininals and should be avoided and put in jail. Sylvia has "helped" many families of 911. Her speciality is helping contact dead children for grieving parents.

Anonymous said...

Zena aka sylvia mitchelle

She was arrested by LAPD and under probation now. It seems she still continue to manipulate people. If you think she fraud you, please contact immediately. She was arrested in LA and had he office in LA, then move to Hollywood, FL. She has also have her store in NY.
She is Gypsy, try to look Indian Lady, a wart next to her nose, age around 40, she maybe look old then a picture, have deep tone voice

Please contact LA and/or both

1: LA
Miguel Emanez
Interstate Cooperation Dept. Probation Officer
Los Angeles County

Riverview Probation Office
12310 Lower Asuza Road
Arcadia, CA 91006

Tel: 626-308-5540

2: Hollywood, FL
Jillian Court
Correctional Probation Officer
Florida Department of Corrections

1050 N. Federal Hwy.
Hollywood, FL 33020

Tel: 954-924-3916

Your report is very important to stop a crime and save her victims in the future.

Her real name is Christine Eli.
A.K.A. Sylvia, gina, gena, zina, xena, Sylvia Mitchell, Zena Mitchell

From LAPD.
Detective Haro retired from office.

Anonymous said...

Private Investigator Bob Nygaard built a criminal case against Sylvia Mitchell, AKA ZENA, on behalf of a victim who had been scammed out of $28,000. He forwarded his investigation to the NYPD and a felony arrest warrant was issued by a NYC Judge. Mitchell has since fled NYC and is thought to be hiding in Cannes, France. Another heartless gypsy is on the run thanks to Nygaard's dogged determination in seeking justice for victims of fraudulent psychic fortune tellers.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia Mitchell, aka Zena, is currently wanted for felony Grand Larceny by the NYPD Sixth Pct Detectives thanks to an investigation by Private Investigator Bob Nygaard. Mitchell has been on the run ever since Nygaard built a case against her. These beautiful photos are really crime scene pictures of where Zena scams her victims