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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top of the Glass Staircase

What is one of the most vexing problems for the visitor to New York City? Finding a bathroom. Because you need to use a bathroom. Or perhaps you are just tired and need to sit down and regroup. Sound familiar?

It is no secret that New York City is not particularly bathroom friendly. Signs abound proclaiming "Bathroom for customers only" or the ridiculous "No Bathroom" - does anyone actually believe that store employees work all day without a bathroom?

New York City is an exciting wonderland for the resident and visitor. Like most large cities, most visitors will be traveling locally by a variety of methods other than their own vehicle - taxis, trains, buses, and by foot. All this trekking leaves your body in need of service.

Most likely you have a base station (hotel) and you would like to go back to your room, but, unlike travel in the countryside, your room is not really very convenient, is it? It's not just a quick drive away, and to go there is a bit of a hassle, taking time and energy. It also means leaving where you are - perhaps you have more to do.

For the city resident, the situation is not much better - once out, we are even more reluctant to travel back to our homes just for bathroom use or to take a rest. Our only advantage is, occasionally, better knowledge of those places that are easy about use of their facilities. Some of the more upscale retailers are bathroom user-friendly - Whole Foods Markets, Starbucks, et al. But there is a better option if you are downtown. So, it is time for a quiz.

Question: Where can you go in Manhattan and relax in a theater with upholstered seats in an award winning skylit environment with clean bathrooms, relax as long as you like, and even get your email and access the Internet for free?

Answer: The Apple Store on Prince Street in SoHo. I have previously written about this store - see here. The theater, one flight up the glass staircase, is used for free presentations, as you can see in today's photo. In my experience, however, the theater is generally unused. While your there, peruse the goods - the store is a mecca and meeting place. Please don't abuse your privileges at the top of the glass staircase...


Lily Hydrangea said...

So true, this is a wonderful place to chill out for a bit, especially in the summer.
even if the theater is in use, people are getting up and down all the time so it's not a big deal to walk through it to get to the restroom. the ladies room is spotless too.
nice photo.

Leslie said...

Crate and Barrel On Bway & Houston is lovely, too. And there's lots of great couches and chairs to test out to boot. But on leaving I always find myself picking up some useful kitchen knick knack...

Brian Dubé said...

Leslie - Good call. I also love the views from the two corners of that store. And the Cable Building in which they are located is blog worthy.

arizona auto glass said...

I've been to New York twice but it's been twenty years ago. I loved the city and would love to return.