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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Urban Safari

I do love a good mountain or two, however, New York City is a place for Jungle Lovers, not mountain lovers. Many cities like San Francisco are not only known for their exquisite natural beauty, but are virtually defined by it. San Francisco's hills, like the Twin Peaks at over 900 feet, offer extraordinary vistas of the city and surrounding seascapes. See my story here about Hill People and Valley People.

The majority of Manhattan is relatively flat. As one travels north from lower Manhattan, the topography does become somewhat hillier, with the highest altitudes in the northernmost areas in Washington Heights and Inwood. The Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park is known for its sweeping views of the Hudson River. The highest point in Manhattan is 265 feet above sea level, in Bennett Park.

For most New Yorkers and visitors, the necessity of building a viaduct to span a valley may come as a surprise. The reality will be abundantly clear if you are traveling north on the number 1 train and suddenly find yourself breaking out from the tunnel into daylight on an elevated train track.

When New York City began building its subway system in 1900, a decision had to be made regarding Manhattan Valley - tunnel under the valley with steep grades at either end, or build a bridge over it. A viaduct made more sense. The viaduct, 2174 feet long, spans the valley between 122nd Street to 135th Street with a subway station at 125th Street and Broadway on the number 1 train. The steel arch spanning 125th Street is 168.5 feet long and 54 feet above the street. The 125th Street station opened in 1904. The viaduct was designated a landmark in 1981 by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Read more here from the New York Times.

Every day the trains are busy, transporting Jungle Lovers, Hill People and Valley People through New York City. Join us on an urban safari :)


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Annie said...

Yes, that is a very familiar sight and event in my trips to New York!! And fun for the little ones on the train too!

trulymadlydeeply said...

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