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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

All of These Pleasures

In the film The Producers, which is set in New York City, Leo Bloom (Gene Wilder), an innocent accountant, is lured by Max Bialystock (Zero Mostel) into a fraudulent money making scheme. In one scene, Max tempts Leo atop the Empire State Building, enumerating all the wonderful things money can buy in New York City which is laid out before them, whispering over his shoulder, "All of these pleasures can be yours."
And for most, one of these pleasures will be a decent home.

Conversations in New York City are dominated by apartments and jobs. The cost of an apartment, rental or purchase, is the most difficult financial hurdle to living in this city, particularly for new transplants.
You will hear and read that prices are up or on occasion down slightly. Then up. Average prices, median prices. This year over last. This quarter over same quarter last year, etc. etc.

Let me simplify. No matter what you read or hear, prices are still high. Very high. Even if prices plunged, they would still be very high. In spite of the economic malaise, apartments in New York City are fetching big numbers. Prices of Manhattan apartments have risen in 2010 over the same period in 2009 - the average one bedroom is now $1.3 million dollars, typically with a maintenance of over $1000 per month.

For that money, you get one privilege and only one - to live in New York City in a habitable place. However, views like those in the photos are far from typical and for that you will pay a premium. Prices in high rises typically increase as move up to higher floors with better views.

The vista in the photo is looking north from the rooftop of the Brevoort East at University Place and 9th Street in the Village. Friends who live in the building (and have virtually an identical view on a lower floor) gave me roof access recently. Atop the roof looking out at the spectacular view in the brisk clear night time air, I could feel Max Bialystock at my shoulder whispering: If you have the money, all of these pleasures can be yours :)


Mary said...

How great to have a rent stabilized apartment here in NYC!

mARTy said...

that pic is so great!!!

Crystal said...

that is beautiful

Joy said...

That's a great shot! Did you have to use a tripod?

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Brian Dubé said...

Mary - 'tis quite true for a dying breed.
mARTy and Crystal - thanks
Joy - No. I tool a number of shots handheld. For this shot the camera was rested on a flat surface and was sharpest.

Web Design Portfolio said...

This is what makes all the dreamers want to strike it rich in New York--scenes like this one! It is only when you live in more modest cities in both size and cost that you realize how expensive it is to live in NYC.

For $700 per month I had 2 bedroom 2 bath luxury apartment (Ikea kitchen, washer, dryer, walk-in-closets, full sized dishwasher and microwave, balcony, central air,) in a brand new development in Phoenix, Arizona. There was no security deposit asked, and my first two months rent was free. The grounds are immaculate, and there is a swimming pool, fitness center and free dvd rentals on premises. I had a mountain view from my window and was only twelve minutes away from one the biggest nature mountain preserves in the country. I ask you, what can I get in NYC for $700 a month? A room in a hovel?

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Judit said...

I can avoid cry when I see that type of pictures.
Anb about the rents... I know that this will be mmain problem when I come there. I will come in 10 years but I'm saving up already! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, i've been following your blog for quite some time. your pictures are just inspiring. If you don't mind me asking, which camera do you use exactly?

Anonymous said...

Maybe to find a fair apartment in the big apple can be simply impossible but perhaps that's also the price for living in dreamland, in any case as Max also said to Leo: "We can do it"...

Best wishes from Spain.

Brian Dubé said...

Anon - I use a Canon S90 point and shoot often or my DLSR - and older Canon 30D (the photo was taken with the 30D)