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Friday, July 02, 2010

Signs of Summer

Imagine the perfect summer day. If you find that difficult at all, please join me in looking out my window - today is that day.

Summer can be extremely unpleasant in the city - the grime and edge is exacerbated by the heat and humidity. Many areas look extremely unattractive. The impact of tourists, excess trash, and hot subway platforms does nothing to improve the experience.
The iconic sights, sounds and smells of summer are largely unavailable in New York - butterflies, open fields, lawn mowers, cookouts, crickets at night, cicadas.

Many prefer to leave the city on weekends, for extended vacations or for the entire summer. Neighborhoods like the Upper East Side are virtual ghost towns on a summer weekend. The well heeled have options, and spending the dog days of August in Manhattan is not high on their list. Not unique to New York, the summer exodus of urbanites has been replayed in cities around the world over history.

Those that remain in the city will find many things to do and enjoy - summer concerts, festivals, parades, programs, the parks, botanic gardens, community gardens, promenades, the rivers, beaches, sampling fabulous gourmet ice cream/gelato, and perhaps best, just strolling the city streets by day and night. Adjust and adapt to New York City's brand, and you will easily recognize our own signs of summer...

Photo Note: This is the fourth of a series of photos, one per season, taken from my window looking out to Washington Square Park. Today's photo completes the cycle of seasons. Here are the links for Spring (Enchanted April), Fall (Wood, Glass, Brass and Trees), and Winter (White By Design 2).


Valerie said...

Good Morning from stormy southern Manitoba..just wanted to pop in and say how much I enjoy your blog...always look forward to 'viewing' dynamic NYC through your eyes. Cheers, Valerie.

Mary said...

I love the photos from your window. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Mr Dubé,
Would you consider putting all four of these seasonal pictures in a single "frame" and offering a print for sale? I have no idea what such a work of art might cost but I'd buy one!