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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hell. Part 2

Note: This is the second of a three-part series. Part 1 is here.

At the same time as our Mennonite friends were singing spirituals and preaching to the masses (if you did not read Part 1, see it here), just a few short steps across the central plaza in Washington Square Park, Andy Golub was busy body painting the nearly nude figure of a woman. See additional photos here.
Andy is a visual artist who has been body painting men and women in and around New York City for years. You can see more of his artwork and body painting at his website here.

Although women have the right in New York State to be topless in public, even in New York City, the site of nearly nude men and women in body paint will stop traffic and raise eyebrows. Societal norms have not yet caught up with legislation, and many are angered and perhaps certain that something should be done. Andy and his models, however, are breaking no laws, and even police officers still occasionally need to be educated regarding the legality of toplessness for women in public.

When the time came and the model moved around the park grounds for various photo settings, a parade of male oglers grew in size, some with cameras, some without, running after her like hungry dogs chasing a rabbit.
A number of the Mennonites were circulating the park crowds, giving out literature. I happened upon an old friend in the park and while chatting, I jokingly mentioned that if they were looking to save souls, our model would, from their perspective, need it most.

My friend took this comment to heart, approaching one of the women from the Charity Ministries and suggesting that she should perhaps consider giving literature to the near naked model - certainly she was the most needful. The leafleteer skirted the suggestion. One of their group referred to her as "wicked," and another told her that she had been warned FIVE times - apparently there is no salvation for someone who did not heed that number of warnings.

It became abundantly clear that our model was bound for Hell and eternal damnation, but a very unexpected confrontation ensued - tomorrow we conclude our descent into Hell...


Matt said...

I had no idea women were allowed to be topless in New York City.

The indication seems to be that they had spoken to this woman already on multiple occasions. I can easily understand why they would not want to make another attempt to speak to her again. I know I wouldn't. I just don't get body paint either.

Chicken Underwear said...

"...male oglers grew in size"

Did you do that on purpose?

Brian Dubé said...

Chicken Underwear
No, the double meaning was not intentiona - good obeservation :)

Nefertiti said...

magnifique photo !

Brian Dubé said...

Nefertiti - Thanks much, I took quite a few but this one in the fountain in darkened light with only water nicely isolated the subject.

René said...

Yep, a very nice shot!

Brian Dubé said...

Welcome to Hell :)