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Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Parade 2010

Each year since 2006, I have attended and photographed the annual Village Halloween Parade and posted photos here. The event continues to overwhelm in every way - size, creativity and attendance with every imaginable costume theme - fanciful, whimsical, horrible, ghoulish, political or inspired by current events or products. It is only possible to see a tiny fraction of the myriad of costumes even when present. I have selected from the over 400 photos I took at this year's parade - additional photos are located here. See the links below for the previous years - these postings have parade information, photos with the posting as well as additional galleries for each year.

Previous postings on the annual Village Halloween Parade:
Halloween Parade Preview 2006, Halloween Parade 2006, Village Parade 2007 Preview, Village Halloween Parade 2007, Village Halloween Parade 2007 Part 2. Halloween Parade 2008, Halloween Parade 2008 Part 2, Halloween Parade 2009.


Mary P, said...

Looks like one of the best ever!!

Warren said...

it was such a blast, even though I was told it was way scaled back. Still I had the best night. It was especially great because it was my first time in NYC (I rented an awesome vacation apartment from

MaggieGem said...

This is a great parade and I've attended a few times... it's been a while since the last time, so thanks so much for sharing!

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