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Friday, December 24, 2010

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The Story of a thing Lost, Found and Nicole Dubuc. Part 2 (see Part 1 here)

Of course it was Nicole. A very, very happy Nicole. At one juncture in her profusive thanks, she asserted that she owed me a lot. To which I responded that she would have a way to repay me in a way she would not expect. Her response was a concerned OK.
I told her she could pick up her license at any time - at my office or elsewhere after work. Immediately is the time she chose and accompanied (with a male friend) is the way she came. I imagine my comment regarding repayment would concern anyone.

On meeting Nicole, she seemed relieved to find I was not a psychopathic serial killer but a business owner surrounded by people and immersed in the throws of the holiday season. After a brief tour, I made my proposal: could I take a photo of her and do a story for this website? And would she agree to supplying some biographical details by email? She gave me her email address. I provided her with a biographical questionaire. I imagine all this was much more than she ever imagined, but she agreed:


Thanks again for all your help with the license -- seriously, you were a lifesaver. Thank you for sharing your blog with me! I'm humbled and honored to be invited to contribute.


I was born in Huntington Beach, California. I went to Yale University. I have a BA in English and graduated with my pre-med requirements fulfilled. Which means I can recite poetry while I apply bandaids.

Most of my work has been in the entertainment industry in one way or another -- I started out as a child actress, and then after graduating college (with a six month stint in the world of dot coms), I became a writer, with most of my work in animated tv series.


Well, I can tell you a bit about animation -- I love it. I watched cartoons as a kid and all through college. I knew the names of Pokemon way past the age where that is acceptable trivia. I'm very proud of some of the shows I worked on this year; "Young Justice," a new DC/WB show about the sidekicks of the DC universe coming into their own, and "Transformers: Prime," Hasbro's new computer-animated show.


I wouldn't classify myself as a celebrity, but when I was a child actress I was a regular on "Major Dad" and "Our House," which still occasionally leads to people recognizing me. Apparently I look exactly the same. I acted for 11 years in commercials, TV and movies before finishing high school and calling it quits for college.


I was visiting New York for fun! I hadn't been back this time of year since I was in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (many moons ago), and I wanted to see the city in holiday splendor. This trip I indulged my Christmas craving by skating at Rockefeller Center, seeing the Rockettes, and cruising the windows at Macy's. I think I've been to New York over ten times (easy when you're living in CT), and I love the constant current of excitement that seems to permeate the place.

The biggest difference between the East Coast and the West Coast that I noted when I came here for college was that in California you got a free refill on your iced tea or Coke or whatever, and on the East Coast you were charged for it. To me, that can be extrapolated to say something about the cultures of the place: in NYC there's less space, less time, and you have to EARN your place. In CA, it's more laid back, more willing to accept you... But perhaps less sincere about it because it's so easily achieved. Or, you know, maybe I've just been going to the wrong restaurants.


I lost my license coming back from Babbo. I LOVE Mario Batali, and I try to eat at his restaurant whenever I'm here. One thing I'm really unfamiliar with is wearing a coat/scarf/gloves/hat when I'm going out, so I think in juggling all my belongings, my license didn't get as firmly placed in my back pocket as it should have. And, seeing as I skipped twenty blocks home from dinner because I was so happy with a belly full of boar papparadelle, it's no wonder it fell out.


Whenever we lose something in my family, we say a prayer to St. Anthony. I picture him as a very harried monk-like guy who rolls his eyes and says, "really?! What did you lose NOW?" He waves you away and says, "I'll see what I can do, alright?" So it was to the St. Anthony in my subconscious I turned to when I couldn't find my license.


And I didn't realize it was missing until around 1 PM, since I was writing all morning. Earlier, I had called my mom, and during our conversation and my rundown on my amazing meal at Babbo, she noticed she was getting a call from New York. "Who else besides you would call me from New York?" she mused. We laughed it off and it went forgotten until she got my second call of the day, panicked and all thoughts of chianti banished from my mind. That's when she remembered your call and finally listened to the message. She called me back and it basically went like this:

Mom: I know where your license is.
Me (wondering if my mom's up-til-now-dormant psychic powers were suddenly making their appearance, and grateful they were): What?!
Mom (dramatic, as though speaking with spirits beyond): It's in SoHo.
Me: How could you possibly know that? Is this like a Miss Cleo moment?
Mom: This very nice man called. He said he found it. He's so kind, said he knew you'd be worried sick. You should call him back. See if he's single.
Me: MOM!!!!
Mom: You're the one who dropped your license. And who am I to argue with fate?


See Nicole's website here.


renlgs303 said...

Now, that's a Christmas story!

Sally Darling said...

OH MY OH MY OH MY.....I do believe that this could be my VERY FAVORITE story of yours so far! OH HOW PERFECTLY WONDERFUL...!!!!

Mary P. said...

I love it! At least you should take her to Babbo. Maybe Mom is right! What a great personality! Too bad she isn't here for a little while so we could all get to meet her.

Leslie said...

Delightful. She's adorable. I'm thinking the same thing as her Mom...sooooo, a date at Babbo?

Bluestar2012 said...

I'm relieved you got your license back, but am more than curious as to whether she connected/dated with the nice man who found it and called her mom.

Steffe said...

Fantastic story. With a good ending. I lost my wallet once out riding my bike. When I realised that, it was too late to start looking for it. When I arrived home an hour later my brother asked me where my wallet was. A girl had found it on a bike path and the first person she showed it to niece.

Brian Dubé said...

Wow - I'm glad that I was able to convey the the amazing aspects of this experience. I had an equally remarkable incident today but was too harried to take photos. Maybe I will do a podcast if people are interested.

afkenner said...

Your last names begin with the same 3 letters!

Brian Dubé said...

afkenner - Good observation. And I neglected to mention that I learned that Nicole was of French ancestry like myself.

time traveler said...

Do I see my friend Brian standing before yet another door pondering the possibilities beyond?? Forward my friend, forward!!

Jack said...

Good story, Brian. I never know what I am going to see and read when I visit here.

Brian Dubé said...

time traveler - yes.

Jack - I often do not know what I am going to discover or write about.

Bill M. said...

I just wanted to say "Thanks" for such an inspiring piece on Nicole and her license and thanks for being such a genuine nice guy! I'm one of your daily readers and I subscribe to your website via an RSS feed (an honor reserved only for a few). I look forward to reading your blog each and every day ...

John said...

Amazing story! it was like reading a novel. And I hope every single person were like you, because no one would worry if they lost something.

One thing I learned from this article... To pray to st Anthony if you lost something.

And to Nicole, You really are meant to be a celebrity.......

Leslie said...

Nicole is really cute on 'Major Dad' it and watch a video! :-)

Sally Darling said...

Yes yes yes to the podcast about your OTHER story!

Kenon Thompson said...

Very respectable and generous gesture Brian helping her re-claim the lost ID, I'm sure you've eanred her trust. Happy New Year!