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Friday, December 17, 2010

Bergdorf Holiday Windows 2010

Although quite non-traditional, my favorite holiday windows are those at Bergdorf Goodman department store, with three exposures along Fifth Avenue and 57th and 58th Streets. They are highly imaginative and superbly crafted. The window displays are illuminated so they can be seen day or night. See my gallery of photos here. This year's theme is Wish You Were Here. From Bergdorf's website:

"Appropriately titled Wish You Were Here, this year’s 2010 Holiday Windows invite its audience to join David Hoey and his talented visual team on a journey through fantasy travel, sly visual wit and far-flung places. With an array of wild mash-ups of unexpected arrivals and departures, each window features visual influences as diverse as Roman mythology, 1940s Hollywood musicals, the original Penn Station, and the very first science fiction film."

This year Bergdorf also has provided a short behind the scenes video on the production - "Follow Me: the Making of Bergdorf Goodman's 2010 Holiday Windows." You can see the video, read about the window theme and its creation here and here.


Marie said...

NY's shopwindows are amazing at Christmas time.

Mary P. said...

While these windows are everything Brian said, perhaps they reflect too much of the confusion of life today.
That is why, as an old lady now, I prefer the Lord & Taylor windows, which are nostalgic for the Christmases I miss from long ago, when as a child, my life approximated the visions of New York life these windows give. (When my parents were responsible for such things, and I was free as a bird.)
Brian, as an adventurous young man, would naturally appreciate the scientific, fantastic view of the modern world.
To each his own, with no prejudice either way.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing. Truly, they are works of art. They are full of fantasy and whimsy. They are intricately so designed,they should be in an art exhibit, never mind a store window. There is so much detail that every time you look, you see something else. But, I can't see anything remotely Christmas about them. But, eh, that's art for ya.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Every year I tell myself I'm going to look at the windows in Union Square. And every year I fail to do so. What a mistake.

Budi Murjiyanto said...

excelent art and design.

Amazing content for this blog.


John at JFK Parking said...

These work of art are indeed fantastic, and I like every details that my eyes see. But I just want to know if any of these are made from recycled materials (or they are made from recyclable/recycled/environment friendly materials). It would be nice to see such a beautiful work of art using recycled materials because not only our eyes will be amaze but will also give us awareness in saving our planet.

Anonymous said...

It is great to visit your blog!

NYfan said...

Merry Christmas, Brian, and a Happy, Great New Year!!

Vanessa NYC Gal said...

I'm constantly amazed by the attention to detail with these displays. As a tradition, my family visits me in NYC during Christmas time and we make a point to tour these windows. It really sets the holiday mood for us and their efforts are greatly appreciated.