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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Not Moving to Florida

I recall an uncle extolling the virtues of living on Eagle Lake in Maine in the winter, telling me how wonderful it was, about ice fishing and how you had the entire lake to yourself. Not to offend and retort aloud, I thought to myself - of course you have it to yourself, who would want Eagle Lake in the winter?

Although not as extreme, the seasons of New York City are never pleasing to me (see Weather Means Whether). I look forward to the Spring, the harbinger of all good things to come, but it is always a disappointment. It is often too wet, colder and windier than I would like. Flying kites or trying to sit on a park bench seems to be an exercise in hand rubbing.

But not to worry, summer is on the way, certainly the season we wait for and celebrate. Until we have a few unseasonably warm days in late spring and I realize that summer in the city will be oppressive, crowded with tourists and there is no respite from the heat without leaving - autumn and winter look very appealing now. After all, the solution to cold is quite simple, is it not? Just add more clothing. Summer arrives and all my worst fears and memories are realized. The teaming masses mixed with high humidity and relentless sun make New York City in the summer virtually unbearable. But summer is actually quite short and autumn is just over the horizon.

Autumn, however, is just a tease for what a perfect world might feel like (see Quito here) and a clear reminder that what nature giveth, it also taketh away. Days are often too cool to spend extended periods outdoors and we now have more of the hand rubbing of spring. Leaves are falling, things are dying and I am already fearful of the death grip of winter which is fast arriving.

Winter arrives and although we are blessed with little snow in the city, it is more uncomfortable than I remembered. The respite from the heat I wished for in July and August looks foolish now - what was I thinking? The holidays do provide a much needed distraction before the bleak stretch of winter starting in January. Soon I am looking to spring again only to reflect and reprimand myself for not enjoying what I had last year.

As winter closes in and I realize that every season in New York City has its shortcomings, the thought of other, perhaps better places rather than other seasons, rears its head. But I am a little wiser now. I have been down that road too. No, best I enjoy images of a foliated New York in summer, because, at least for now*, I'm not moving to Florida :)

* Interestly, my aforementioned uncle, steadfast in his commitment to Maine and its hard winters, eventually became a snowbird and moved to Florida late in life where he lived out his life.

Photo Notes: Top - The Dakota as seen from the Lake in Central Park. Center - West 4 th Street. Bottom - the Ramble in Central Park.


Julia said...

I have been to NYC twice - once in the depths of January where it felt like the cold would cut me in two, the second time this year in August where I thought I would quite literaly melt. I was thinking I needed to plan my next trip in the Spring or Autumn but your great post has me questioning my logic!! But what the heck, it's a great city - I would be perfectly happy to visit anytime!!

Rigel said...

Absolutely stunning, Brian. I can't wait to experience the rest of the seasons in the city!

A foreigner said...

With your blog, We have learned the best, and so many interesting things of amazing New York city! Thank you for sharing us all that.

droid spy said...

I can't resist myself to be there as soon as possible. I hope I will be there very soon, lets see :)

NYfan said...

... not at all!!! I really don´t have anything against Florida ... Please, Brian, don´t do this to me, not as long, I´m not in town: Your pics cut my breath .... next year in October I´ll be there!!! To see Indian summer in Central Park and of course Washington Square Park again!