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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stability In a World of Change

Professor Gurland (see here) once commented that one of man's problems was looking for stability in a world of change. Perhaps he was right and this is the reason we find such tremendous comfort in those few enduring icons, legacy businesses, products, and annual holidays and celebrations. And why nostalgia is so strong that we build bridges in our minds between past memories and present experiences with connections as cables.

In spite of all the dynamic changes in our world, New York City is a mecca for durable icons. People come the all corners of the earth to see the same buildings, bridges, and attractions that millions have seen before them.

Over the years in producing this website, I have photographed and written about the fantastic Christmas displays in New York City, known worldwide. Rockefeller Center with its tree and skating rink, Santaland at Macy's and the store windows - Macy's, Bergdorf, Tiffany's, Barney's, Saks and Lord and Taylor. Amidst all the business failures, there really is a miracle on 34th Street, where we find Macy's year after year and and the same Christmas theme, Believe (see here), with the only change being a digital display.

We travel, we search, we comb the recesses of our minds for the enduring constants. There's no better place and time than New York City at Christmas to find those very few things that allow us to Believe there is some stability in a world of change :)


Mary P. said...

Oh Brian. Really well said. Human beings certainly need those constants. We look for mathematical and scientific rules; familiar faces and places to counter the randomness of our daily experiences.
And unless we learn otherwise, the days will get longer starting today. Celebrate the winter solstice, a might-as-well-be-eternal verity.

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

and this, sadly, is one of the few years I will not be there to visit. I will continue to enjoy my NYC Christmas through your blog.

John at JFK Parking said...

Stability in a World of Change. A perfect title for this blog and I must say you did a great job.

I think, there is a certain magic in NYC that I can't explain, why people just keep coming back. whatever it is, it doesn't matter anymore.

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