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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Is Not New Mexico

The sun and the moon are two of the few natural constants we have in New York City and the moon is one of the very few celestial bodies we can see reliably at night - with the powerful ambient urban light, we do not often have nights where many stars and planets are visible. Such is city life.

Today is the full moon. Last night saw some stormy weather and at the tail end, as skies began to clear, we had some spectacular conditions with fast moving billowy clouds providing a constantly changing canvas.

At times like this it is not unusual to see amateur and professional photographers shooting away. A number of us found a choice spot in Washington Square Park where a few leafless trees provided perfect outlines to frame the moon. It's not the Moon Over Hernandez, but hey, I'm not Ansel Adams and This is Not New Mexico :)

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Mary P. said...

It was beautiful, wasn't it? Even more dramatic from the fountain area where there were no trees. Walked around watching it for at least an hour.

time traveler said...

WOW!!Beautiful photos--I have spent hours looking at the moon through my 12 inch Mead telescope and I have never had a moment where I wasn't amazed, impressed by it's silent majesty..Really nice photos-Thanks

Steffe said...

Nice photos here.
I was out to see if I could get a shot of the eclipse tonight, but it was too cloudy at my place. Would have been fun to shoot another red moon.

Sue K said...

Wow, Brian, beautiful photos. Hard to believe they were taken in the city, but even there nature can be spectacular.

Jimmy said...

Very nice, sir! I missed the eclipse last night, but I still keep an old picture of a cloud triangle around the moon. Looked pretty amazing. Keep up the good work!

International call

Jola said...

magnificent pics :)

Terry B, Blue Kitchen said...

Regarding time traveler's comment, I think one of the cool things about life on planet Earth is that we have this satellite orbiting so close and reminding us we're part of something bigger. And viewing it through a telescope always amazes me too. Once again, Brian, beautiful photos that also make us think about the bigger picture.

Mariàngela Vilallonga said...