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Friday, July 15, 2011

Best Pizza in New York

People love lists - top 10, top 100, 1001 things one must do, best this, best that, etc. - it's a staple of life, even a bit formulaic, but, like David Letterman's nightly Top Ten List, it's entertaining and fun. And in a complex world with so many choices, what better way to help make decisions than to quantify, rate or make lists?

Of course, many bristle against the idea of reducing subjective things to some objective standard, but lists are useful if for no other reason than to spark conversation and lively debate and to add fun to life's decision making.

Pizza is one of the country's - and likewise, one of New York City's - most enduring and popular food items. It's a rare individual who does not like pizza, the ultimate snack or meal on the go. It's found everywhere, so the question becomes, where do I go? I have assembled a collage of six of New York City's top pizza parlors, along with two stories involving pizza which I have previously written about. Each photo links to the story and photos of that place. There are a number of highly acclaimed places in the city which I have yet to visit and write about. I will get there. In the interim, explore places you may not have yet visited and try some of NewYork City's top pizzas. Enjoy :)


renlgs303 said...

I could be wrong, but this infatuation with making lists, and applying numberings to so many things seems peculiarly American to me.

Some 32 years after I first set foot on this continent, I still can't stand it.

Brian Dubé said...

renigs303 - I am sure you're right, apart from developing nations obsessed with American culture. You just can't take them too seriously. Quantifying things like this usually ends up with things in the wrong place on a list. Often, this occurs even when those involved in creating the list are the ones perplexed by the results.

Leslie said...

As I mentioned last week you've GOT to try Waldy's Wood Fired Pizza on 6th Av between 27th and 28th. Turns out a high end chef opened the place:

There's got to be a story there...or at least a very satisfying meal.

Anonymous said...

I always smile when I read "best pizza in Ny" because I'm sorry, real pizza is something really different and really better (Listen to, direct from Italy)

Brian Dubé said...

Leslie - OK. I'm on it!

Anonymous - I was hoping the title would ignite a firestorm of controversy :) I have had pizza in Italy and southern France and you are correct. But this is the best we have to offer - you should try some of the poorer places in the city. Inedible really.

Anonymous said...

I'll be there on August the 6. I promise, I'll try the best you have to offer and I'll give you my opinion ;)

Barbara said...

Take an American out of the country(20 + years for me), and almost everything in a US restaurant looks and smells good!
I don't want debate, I want testing!
But honestly,I might go "ballistic" if I could smell all that:)

Sergio said...

Try this also:
San Matteo Pizza
between 2nd Avenue e 90th Street.

Carlo said...

It could sound funny to you, Brian, but as an Italian I have to say that a really good place for pizza in NY is Sbarro. I now it's a fast food company and often pizza is different place to place but, once, as my father ate one slice said "the real touch of a napolitano"! (Then I turned to the kitchen and all the cooks were indians or hispanic...haha).

LM said...

I miss NY pizza!! Fabulous post.