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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Chutzpah, Part 2

"In New York City, one's net worth of social currency is based not so much on who you know, but how you can get seated in the most important restaurants." - Myra Smolev

In this tale of unmitigated nerve, Myra tells of how she got a table at the River Cafe for friends arriving from Milan who had heard that this was the place to eat. However, at the time, typical of popular restaurants, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a reservation.

But Myra, a New York City born aggressive and successful Jewish woman, succeeds with a little drama, creative thinking and classic Chutzpah :)

See Part 1 of this story here.

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Someone Said said...

You know Reno, he don't eat at 5:30!


Leslie said...

Myra-you sure do know how to spin a yarn; I love a good NY story like this-Brava! I mean this in the best way possible-what cojones!

Mary P. said...

I tried several times today to view this, but it would not play all the way through. Tonight it did not show up at all. From the above comments, maybe it is just my problem?

Magpie Mason said...

This woman and her story illustrate the negatives of chutzpah. It doesn't have to involve lying and compromising other people to bring needless self-gratification to fruition. Chutzpah also can be a principled stand, one considered audacious in the face of overwhelming odds, but still morally and ethically sound.

Yeah, yeah, it's only an hour at a table in a restaurant in Queens, but this woman manages to justify a very distasteful stereotype. Others have to live with that despite having never behaved this way in our lives.

I only hope that in her various stations and places in life she employs her powers of persuasion and tenacity to help people in need.


Karen said...

I may drop Myra and Reno's names when I make reservations next time. Maybe I'll have some luck.

And I'm with Reno. You eat at 8:00, not 5:30.

Sally Darling said...

Oy Vey, what an exciting, charming, ultra fun woman! So fun Brian, great video! Tell the woman with the Chutzpah that I said Hello! said...

wonderful story. wonderful video!