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Friday, August 12, 2011

Buy Magnesium

Once lit, magnesium produces light so bright that it will burn the retinas in your eyes. It burns so hot that if water is sprayed on it, rather than putting the fire out, the heat will break the water down and separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which in turn feed the fire. This is the whitest light produced by burning a substance.

I think So Good Jewelry must be using magnesium to light their stores. They are BRIGHT.  When I say bright, I don't mean what you think may be bright. I mean magnesium so bright that it burns the retina and wakes the dead. For photographers, this place is a perfect tutorial for overexposure. Walking down 4th Street at night, I was astounded by the brightness. The place beamed me in.

Did you ever notice how bright fluorescent lights in delis late at night are not flattering? I find that they bring out the alien green in me. In the event that there is a mirror somewhere, it is a supreme battle to deflect my eyes, lest I discover that I, too, can scare children. There are, however, a small number of people that are so gorgeous that no light is unflattering. These must be the women who shop in the bright lights of So Good Jewelry, at 184 West 4th Street in the West Village. 

But there is more than bright going on here. There is PINK. Lots and lots of pink in a decor that is over-the-top, super cute, and extremely kitschy. But none of this is a death knell. It is a runaway success. Part of the secret is to be unabashed and unapologetic, like Dolly Parton. Take the extreme and run with it. It is when you hold back a little, knowing that perhaps you are a little too cutesy. No, build a shrine to pink and bright. Make it So Bad, it becomes So Good.

It must work. Located in cities around the United States (and Australia), the place seems to be a success. Reading online, reviews appear to be very favorable towards their line of costume jewelry. The chain is Korean-owned, masters of bling.

While browsing and taking photos, I saw a woman with a bow in her hand, apparently unable to attach it properly to her hair. In the ultimate endorsement, she said, "It doesn't stay, but it makes me happy." I was happy to visit the shop. It really was So Good, because it was there that I learned what must be the key to financial success in these trying times: Have plenty of pink, and don't buy gold, buy magnesium :)

Fashion Note: More Birds of a Feather Tied Together.

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Steffe said...

Bright and very pink!

biebkriebels said...

How can one work there, you need sunglasses.

Mary P. said...


Barcelona m'enamora said...

This is too much pink...

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,

it would be an extra to name the full adress so I can switch to street view and see the place from here in Hamburg Germany.

Thank you very much

Michael Backendorf

Brian Dubé said...

biebkriebels - absolutely

Mary P. An understatement

Anonymous - sorry, I usually do give addresses. An oversight. 184 West 4th Street. 10014

Rosilee said...

Pink is not my colour, but I would be lured inside to have a look around.

Cortney Kaminski said...

Wow! This is my kind of store! I love all the detail you can see from the photos, it shows the creativity of the store! I cannot wait to visit it sometime!