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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Have a Beautiful Day

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Today I'd like to share with you what it's really like here. Not some sanitized, candy-coated, pretty, inspiring view of this city with false promises.

What's it like to live in New York City? As Professor Gurland would agree, you're gonna get bruised. It's an abusive relationship, but in this case, there's no one to call for professional help.

You're going to have to look at scenes like that in today's photo. Why do I say "have to"? Because on some days, you're going to feel inspired by things like the Chrysler Building, a glorious living testament in steel and stone of what man can achieve. But at other times, you're going to be asked, do you measure up? Do you have what it takes to live here?

Giants are everywhere you turn. There's nowhere to hide. They tower above. You're silently being judged. Can you make it? Don't be deluded by Lady Liberty in New York Harbor. Yes, she's welcoming of all, but she's a siren, ready to send you back as fast as you got here. The exit door is bigger than the entryway.

Does it sound angry? Arrogant? I'm sorry, yes it is. Overachievers dominate the landscape. Genius is around every corner. I didn't make the rules.

But it's not hopeless, and the prize is worth being a contestant. If you need encouragement, look a little more closely at Lady Liberty - there may be a wink and a smile.

Oh, I almost forgot. Have a Beautiful Day :)


Mary P. said...


Mary P. said...

You love, you learn! Or you don't and just keep hurting!

Anonymous said...

Hellen said: I had an inspection at 42nd and 6th Avenue today. As I walked east, the Chrysler Building loomed above and I sensed the giant hood ornaments glaring down at me. It was a little overwhelming. Today's post has real time meaning for me.

Sinara-Brazil said...

Hi Brian!!!I love it!!!awesome!!!I always read your posts and you are great!!Last march I realized my dream,I knew NYC and there`s no place like NYC in the world!!Congrats!Sinara

Sue K said...

OK, that was great!

SC said...

do you know sny cheap places in the city to stay this weekend?

Leslie said...

Holy moly-I LOVE your podcast...I want more!! Your style almost reminds me of a kinder Jack Webb...forward, biting, no bull. Great music choice, too. I hope we'll be hearing more of these...very exciting!

Malou said...

I loved this blog post so much that I featured it in my blog! Keep up the great work! :) All my best!

Honolulu Photo of the Day said...

My favorite building in NYC!