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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

General Malaise, Part 1

I generally avoid "covering" news events - a short blog article rarely does a subject justice. And there are certainly better sources for such topics, as well as news journalists qualified to do the investigatory work.

But Occupy Wall Street has become such a phenomenon that even in the city with all that goes on, the demonstrations, marches, and occupation of Liberty Park is a topic of conversation amongst almost any group of people. I have been asked by virtually everyone I meet whether I have been down to the demonstration area, as well as whether I would write and photograph about this demonstration.

What is most remarkable is the lack of specificity regarding the goals of the movement. This very lack of goals has been the dominant issue in discussions about the event, both by the news media and the public. It is so odd to have a major political movement that is defined by not being defined. There are a number of specific complaints. Different groups with different agendas are part of the movement, such as We Are the 99 Percent. But taken all together, the whole thing feels like a general malaise.

I recently visited the headquarters for the demonstrators - Zucotti Park, now dubbed Liberty Park, located at Cedar Street and Broadway. I was surprised to see such a large encampment in the heart of New York City's financial district. The occupation is scheduled to last 60 days, ending in mid-November. The occupants are a strange hybrid, like political protest meets Rainbow Gathering. There are also booksellers and entertainers. I timed my visit with a major march, which can be seen in the photos. I did not witness any violence or arrests, although I understand that there were some police actions and allegations of excessive force.

There's anger, frustration, confusion, and finger pointing. It's a very serious case of General Malaise.

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Sue K said...

You got that so right! There just seems to be a lack of focus and every group imaginable seems to be jumping in with their own agenda. Rock concerts, craft fairs, entertainers, it's becoming more of a circus spectacle than a protest. As a 1960's antiwar protestor, I protest! And though I do respect their right to protest, I feel they need to get a better perspective of what it is exactly they want to accomplish.

Steffe said...

I think you could visit more events with your camera. I always find your posts interesting. If you wanted to you could add a link to CNN or BBC with their coverage of the story. Some great news photos here.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures indeed. Athens passed through 'alike' during this summer.
Wishing that it will remain peaceful. Please have a good Thursday.

daily athens

Mary P. said...

Yes, Robert, I hope it remains peaceful, too.
I think some people would be happy with some indictments of, say,
a)bankers [loan officers, maybe] who made phony claims for the soundness of their "bundled" "investments" b)lobbyists
and any other corporate crooks you might think of.

Thérèse said...

If all this could lead to a third party, that would help...

0man said...

Great pictures!