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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Keep It Fresh

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the annual event SantaCon, the sight of groups of Santas, large and small, carousing the streets of New York City, is extremely perplexing.

After rereading a story I wrote on December 10, 2007 called Surly Santas, it is apparent that at that time, I, too, was not aware as to the reason why a group of Santas was walking the streets and being naughty. I certainly was perplexed until 2009, when I finally was told about SantaCon and did a story involving New York City's participation in the event.

Recently, on the way out of Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge on the day of SantaCon (December 10), I found that the streets were teeming with Santas. In the parks, on the sidewalks - everywhere you looked, it seemed there was a group of Santas to be found. I took a number of photos from my car.

Unfortunately, this event does start to feel like the same old thing, and although the event is officially a convention, effectively it does end up becoming a bar crawl for many, which generates late-night drunken revelry on the streets of New York City. The evidence of this is plain to see in neighborhoods like the Village, where inebriated Santas spill out of bars, wander the streets, and indulge in various acts of debauchery.

There is not much new to report in New York City, but I have learned that in San Francisco, where public nudity is legal, there was an effort this year to set the world record for the largest gathering of naked Santas, to be documented by Guinness (see video below). Even Santa is not immune to worrying about being seen as the same ol' same ol'. Whether he indulges in drunken revelry, a little lewdity, or nudity, he knows that you gotta Keep It Fresh :)

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Steffe said...

I wonder if there is a Swedish version of this. If there was one, I might pay it a visit.

Jai Catalano said...

I am shocked I didn't see any naked santas in Union Square.

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I wonder if there is a Swedish version of this. If there was one, I might pay it a visit.